Rapid’s 2023 year in review

As the year comes to an end, it’s important to reflect on the achievements and milestones that have been met and consider the goals that could be set for the year ahead.

At Rapid, we strive for excellence in innovation and in consistently meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations as one of our priorities to achieve the vision of making the world a safer place to work.

Here is our end of year summary, as well as some great tips from our Account Management team to help you prepare your system for a successful 2024.

February 2023  – New interface unveiled for Rapid GO contactless visitor check-in system: A new brand identity for Rapid GO was created which included a new logo and refreshed user interface.

April 2023 – AI Checkpoints revolutionising visitor & vehicle management: The announcement of our partnership with Nirovision to create the integrated solution, AI Checkpoints. This combined Nirovision’s Licence Plate Recognition and facial recognition technology with Rapid’s award-winning workforce management solutions.

May 2023 – Rapid Access now available via iPads & Android tablets: An easy-to-download Web App version of Rapid Access which is compatible with Apple iPads and Android tablets was released.

August 2023Streamlined client and contractor connections with new Rapid B2B search feature: Rapid Contractor Management clients can now search the Rapid B2B database for compliant and verified contractors. 

October 2023 – New MyRapid portal is here: A refreshed user experience was implemented for the MyRapid portal, making the interface more streamlined and visible.

November 2023 – Permit To Work now includes Employee Work Order and permit form submission: Host companies can now create a work order for all workers to complete. This update gives employees the ability to not only submit details about the work they are performing, but also the ability to submit high-risk permit forms prior to or during site entry.

November 2023 – Introducing Rapid B2B: Grow your business: Our trusted compliance and induction management solution Rapid Contractor became Rapid B2B. This rebrand included a fresh new look and name, as well as new services designed to grow your business.

December 2023 – Accessing site documentation just got easier with Rapid GO: This update enables users to host a library of documents for each of their sites within Rapid GO, accessible for the duration of site visitors and employees visits.

Kick off 2024 with these housekeeping tips from Rapid’s Account Management Team

With Christmas quickly approaching, an opportunity may present itself to complete some Rapid system cleaning. Here are some pointers to assist in organising and maximising your compliance for 2024!

New Feature – Deactivate Course

In case you missed it, we want to remind you about the new Deactivate Course feature. Remember that rubbish bin icon we recommended you hide from everyone? It will now deactivate a course, instead of deleting it.

We still recommend only Super Users have access to this feature as a course cannot be reactivated. The importance of this feature is it retains a record of your content, questions, course records and versions, as well as keeping only active courses in your course list.

Admin Roles

Now might be a good time to review your system administrators. Within Rapid Induct, navigate to Settings > Admin/Site(s) where you can review and deactivate administrators that no longer require access to the system.

You can also navigate to the Roles tab to review the level of access types available. We often suggest the below Role types to our clients:

  • Super User – one or two administrators that have full system access.
  • Manager – administrator that is required to invite new contractors to register, verify documents, issue induction keys, etc.
    • You may introduce different Manager Levels. For example, only a ‘Level 1 Manager’ has access to invite contractors to register.
  • View Access Only – administrators that need access to contractor and trainee information, but are not required or permitted to make changes.

Feature Focus – Subcontractors

Within Rapid Contractor Management, have you been asking your contractors to tell you more about the subcontractors they use? If not, start off 2024 by activating this free feature!

During the registration process and within the contractor portal, contractors can enter basic details about their subcontractors such as company name, contact name, ABN, etc. When issuing inductions keys, the contractor company can then specify which company the person works for. By activating this feature, you gain a better understanding of what subcontractors are being used for and which trainees are direct employees versus subcontractors.

This feature can easily be enabled by contacting our Rapid Client Services Team.

Some other items you may wish to consider in your end of year system review include:

Merge Duplicates

Navigate to the Trainees tab > Merge Duplicates. This feature identifies trainee profiles with the same company name and trainee name. We recommend you choose their most recent induction key and merge these records.

Not Used Trainees

Within the Trainees tab, review the Not Used circle and delete old induction keys that were issued and never used.

Rapid Contractor Management

Within Rapid Contractor Management, review the Awaiting Registration circle and consider deactivating contractor companies that were invited to register months ago.

You may also consider reviewing the Suspended circle. Many contractors are automatically suspended due to expired insurance documents. If these documents expired months ago, you may consider whether your company is still engaging this contractor company.

If you have a large number of trainees or contractor companies to deactivate, please reach out to the Rapid Client Services Team for support.

We’re always listening

We work closely with our clients to develop new features and ensure our products are up to date to support your business now and into the future.

To find out more about Rapid’s modular workforce management system, speak to our experts today and request a free demonstration.

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