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Introducing Rapid B2B: Grow your business

Rapid Contractor is a trusted part of the MyRapid ecosystem, serving over 60,000 users and simplifying compliance and induction management. Today, we’re excited to introduce Rapid B2B, a fresh new look and name for this product designed to grow your business.

Rapid B2B’s core features include a centralised dashboard, insurance uploads, client action tracking, worker management, and site attendance tracking. We’ve expanded our services to include business listings and connections to our growing client base, providing more opportunities for your business to connect and generate work opportunities.

Rapid B2B also offers a robust business compliance management system, including subcontractor management, induction support, site access controls, and document verification through DVS.

Our mission is to have Rapid B2B become a thriving B2B connection hub, integrating job postings and applications from industry-leading clients. This isn’t just a rebrand; it’s a transformation!

With Rapid B2B, users achieve three key objectives:

Better compliance management: Seamlessly manage compliance with your Rapid Global clients, ensuring smoother operations and stronger relationships.

Wider business network: Connect with a broader range of businesses and partners, expanding your reach and potential collaborations.

Business growth: Unlock the potential to expand your business by connecting with and winning work from some of Australia’s largest businesses.

Key features of a Rapid B2B Subscription:

Rapid B2B is free to use for all contracting businesses who are already registered in the Rapid Global system. When you subscribe to the Rapid B2B premium plan, you gain access to a host of powerful tools and benefits designed to elevate your contracting business:

  • Priority business listing: Stand out in front of Rapid clients looking for contractors, giving you a distinct advantage in securing projects.
  • Priority access to job postings: Get ahead of the competition by being among the first to respond to job opportunities.
  • Centralised document management: Enjoy the convenience of managing all your certifications, insurances, and other vital documents in one central location.
  • Incident reporting system: Quickly report and address any incidents ensuring a safer and more compliant work environment.
  • Induction management: Efficiently manage courses provided by clients, and tap into Rapid’s library of pre-built courses, simplifying workforce training.
  • Member Benefits: Exclusive discounts for retailers, fuel, and more are available to premium subscribers, delivering tangible savings for your business.

Find out more today

Premium features including Member Benefits are available for $30 AUD a month with no lock in contracts. Subscribe to the premium features by logging in and navigating to the pricing page to unlock the growth potential.

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