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Enterprise risk management made simple with Rapid

How would it help your company if you could report, store and follow up on all of your company’s risks in one place? How much more efficiently could you manage risk?

Rapid Risk online enterprise risk management software is an off-the-shelf system designed to assist your company in identifying, assessing, addressing and minimising risk. Rapid Risk provides you with an ERM system that increases your capacity to help improve safety in workplaces of any size.

Have access to a comprehensive risk landscape

With three broad categories that you can separate risks into, you can simplify otherwise complicated strategic objectives down into smaller components to create a comprehensive yet simplified risk picture.

Strategic objectives broken down into smaller components to create a comprehensive yet simplified risk picture

The three types of classification are strategic, project, and operational, which together encompass the broad scope of risk types that exist within any workforce.

Identify all aspects of a risk

It can be hard for busy workers to stop and think about every aspect of a risk each time they report one. And we get that.

So, to try and make this process easier for all, we’ve simplified Rapid Risk. How? By enabling your company’s WHS personnel to include all potential risk areas in the customisable form. This means that when someone is reporting a risk, they can simply select the risk area from the pre-populated options.

Watch time gets saved and risks reported more accurately, just like that!

Track risk status

Another feature that we recognise is important to users of a risk management software solution like this is the ability to quickly and easily view and track the status of all risks.

For this reason, we have created a Rapid Risk dashboard, which gives you information on data such as the number of risks logged and risk status at a glance. You can sort it out to quickly see which risks are assigned to whom, as well as details such as location and date of creation.

With this information securely under your belt, you can have confidence that your ERM methods and processes are efficient and will help to successfully identify, assess, address and minimise risks in your workplace.

Here at Rapid, we’re super excited about this new advancement and hope you are too!

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