Permit To Work now includes Employee Work Order and permit form submission

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver our customers with exceptional value from our products, we are excited to announce a new feature within Permit To Work that makes safety compliance more efficient – now for your employees as well as your contractors.

What is the update?

Host companies can now create a work order for all workers to complete. This will give employees the ability to not only submit details about the work they are performing, but also the ability to submit high-risk permit forms prior to or during site entry.

The site entry submission of a Work Order and its attached permit forms will operate identically to the contractor user experience of Permit To Work via Rapid GO. Employees have the ability to select or create the work order they wish to submit and can then attach the required permit forms. As well as this, the existing Work in Progress feature will carry over for employees. If they are required to add additional permit forms once signed in they can do this, and they will be able to add or close additional work orders while signed in.

How does it work?

System administrators can also submit a work order and relevant permit forms for pre-approval. This can be done from the Rapid Access – Work Order dashboard, and this ability will only be possible for work orders that fit the below criteria:

  • The work order is assigned to the host company
  • The work order is in an “Available” or “Incomplete” status

Attaching a SWMS to the work order

The ability to attach an approved SWMS to an employee’s work order has also been added to this system update. A new button within the Rapid Access section named “SWMS” will be available for system administrators with appropriate permissions. This page will provide the ability to upload an approved SWMS for sites. Just like it has worked for contractors, the employee will be able to select a SWMS from the pre-approved SWMS Library or can create a new SWMS if none of the existing are relevant.

We’re always listening

At Rapid, we work closely with our clients to develop new features and ensure our products support your business now and into the future. To find out more about Rapid’s modular workforce management system speak to our experts today and request a demo.

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