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Enhance your work order management with the MEX & Rapid integration 

Work orders are essential to ensure your maintenance work is completed thoroughly and safely. However, managing them and the related documentation can be a challenge without the right tools. 

Rapid’s integration with maintenance management software MEX offers a powerful solution to streamline your work order management process. With the added compliance features of our Rapid Permit To Work module, you can feel confident that your work order-related information is correct and up to date every time. 

How does the Rapid & MEX integration work? 

Rapid will periodically search MEX for newly created and updated work orders. If a matching company in Rapid is found, the integration will look for both new and updated work orders to ensure the data is synchronised across both systems. 

Administrators can then use the Rapid system to audit work orders. Within each order, the safety documentation is easily reviewable so that all paperwork can be confirmed as approved and associated with the correct job. 

This integration also works with Rapid Access to ensure that only inducted and compliant contractor companies with a valid work order can sign into site.  

When a contractor signs in with a specific work order, the time until they sign out is tracked so that everyone has visibility on the total time spent on projects. Contractors also have the option to confirm job completion within the app. 

What are the benefits?

This powerful integration makes the work order process accessible and seamless. This means reduced manual handling for your administrators and therefore reduced risk.  

The integration allows Rapid and MEX users to: 

  • Use the Rapid system to seamlessly track updates made to existing work orders.  
  • Audit work orders and associated documentation with ease. 
  • Block non-compliant suppliers without a valid work order from accessing your sites. 
  • Improve payment administration to ensure you are being charged fairly and accurately. 

Want to find out more?

Contact our product specialists to find out more and have a personalised demo on how Rapid’s integration with MEX can benefit your business and streamline your site access control workflow. 

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