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Preventing Workplace Accidents Through Proper Training

Managing a workplace requires dedication to preventing work-related accidents.  Despite this, workplace accidents are more common than you may think, even in a country as advanced and safety-conscious as Australia. Here are the five most common injuries from workplace accidents and tips to prevent them:

Muscular stress while lifting or handling objects

This is caused by lifting heavy objects the wrong way, leading to sore muscles that sometimes require rest or medical attention. It’s most prevalent in the construction industry.

How can you avoid muscular stress? Staff must have the right training and supervision. They should also be kept away from areas where they are not fully aware of the hazards.


Falls can occur in the workplace from a lack of awareness of surroundings, or from being unequipped or untrained while working at heights.

Prevent falls by making sure your staff have the proper training and safety equipment as well as by freeing up the workplace from tripping hazards.

Mental stress

Not all workplace incidents involve physical injuries. Mental stress in the workplace is also a common problem that can build up over time, often unnoticed.

Mental stress can be relieved by encouraging regular breaks and making sure employees are not being crushed by the demands of the job such as unrealistic workloads, excessive overtime and stress.

Muscle Tension

Moving can cause muscle stress, but did you know that sitting still can also cause this? For example, sitting behind a desk for an extended period can cause lower back pain and could lead to more serious problems like carpal tunnel later on. This is a common office injury.

Muscle tension can be prevented by making sure the ergonomics of workstations facilitate healthy care of employees. Proper training can provide workers with knowledge of stretches and exercises to do at the desk to keep the body functioning well. Like with mental stress, work breaks that allow employees to walk around can also help.

Being hit by falling objects

This is the fifth most common cause of injury in the Australian workplace and the first in causing most fatalities.

In some places like construction sites there will always be the risk of dangerous objects falling. The best way to make sure no one gets injured from this is to make sure they know what protective gear to wear and are aware of areas where objects have the potential to fall.

What’s the common denominator among these injuries?

They are all preventable through proper training.

You want your employees to have the best training to prevent them from being injured on the job, but it’s often easier said than done. What do you do if you manage more than one work site? How do you deal with work places that have many contractors, visitors and/or employees attending?

By standardising training and inductions, you can ensure there are official procedures in place to provide all personnel attending your site with the knowledge they need to reduce risk, stay safe and leave injury-free.

Rapid Induct by Rapid Global can provide your employees and other personnel with a flexible tool that will deliver your business’ training and procedures effectively. The software is easy to use for the employee and employer and has a host of features that help spread your company’s message.

Training personnel at your site effectively so that they can keep themselves and others safe is not just about keeping them confident on the job; it’s also about remaining productive with a healthy staff and saving your company costly litigation fees.

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