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Rapid Global integrates CreditorWatch risk profiles into their software

Rapid Global announced today that contractor administrators now have access to CreditorWatch’s credit risk profiles from the Rapid Contractor Management product. At a glance, Rapid administrators can check the financial risk status, as well as the compliance status, of their contractors and suppliers straight from the Rapid software.

Rapid’s Managing Director and Founder, Tim Johnson commented. “We are pleased to provide detailed CreditorWatch risk data to our clients. Today, businesses are operating in a complex environment which calls for the need to strengthen due diligence when engaging contractors to reduce the impact of operational risks.”

This latest feature is powered by CreditorWatch, Australia’s top commercial reporting bureau that provides credit and financial risk information, credit scoring, and credit monitoring services to more than 55,000 customers across Australia.

CreditorWatch compiles financial risk information into its reports from an extensive list of public and private data sources, including ATO tax default data, ASIC, court data, and their comprehensive databases.

How does this work?

Rapid’s clients can use CreditorWatch credit score and reports to reveal the credit risk level of contractors and suppliers to help them make more informed decisions about who to do business with.

From the Rapid Contractor Management product, administrators can easily review the credit score of contracting companies and suppliers. For more detailed financial risk information, approved administrators can download CreditorWatch’s full report.

If you’d like to find out how to activate this feature please contact your Account Manager or our Client Services Team on 1800 307 595 or submit your request via the Rapid Global website.

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