The Importance of Background Checks When Hiring

The importance of background checks when hiring

How do you know you’re hiring the right people for your organisation?

It goes without saying that when filling a vacant position, an extensive recruitment process is followed.

This process may include a thorough review of the resumes submitted, before following a staged interview process, personality tests and reference checks. All of which are undertaken to ensure your candidate has the right skills and experience for the job, along with ensuring they will also be the right ‘culture fit’ for your organisation.

But can you still be confident your prospective employee is who they say they are?

Why background checks are important

Completing a background check on a candidate before you offer them the job should be a critical and necessary step in your recruitment process. Hiring mistakes can be costly and you don’t want to be starting the entire process again in a few months’ time when it doesn’t work out.

The recruitment process is expensive and time-consuming. Yet however long it seems to take, don’t make an offer until a background check is undertaken. Hiring honest, dependable people is important for your business and making sure the person you hire doesn’t have a criminal history that could pose a safety threat to your employees, contractors, suppliers and customers is crucial.

What do background checks analyse?

Background checks flag everything from serious criminal convictions to minor infractions. While it’s necessary to focus on the serious criminal convictions that deem someone as dangerous or untrustworthy, it’s also important not to overlook the minor convictions. For example, a drink driving offence that occurred 10 years ago may seem irrelevant for most advertised positions. But what if the vacant role involves driving heavy machinery every day? Certainly a cause for consideration.

Most employers are hopeful their candidate will have a clear background. However, if the results do indicate a minor or out-of-date conviction, the report will, if nothing else, allow you to make an informed decision.

Run background checks for safety’s sake

You would never compromise the safety of your employees and contractors on site, so why would you hire someone without first investigating their background thoroughly?

Unintentionally hiring someone who is potentially dangerous with a criminal conviction, could pose a serious risk to your team, one you could be held accountable and liable for. You have a responsibility to ensure the necessary checks are undertaken – protect your company, employees, contracts, suppliers and customers.

Peace of mind

Background checks are now widely accepted and commonplace practice. Don’t waste time worrying about whether your employee is untrustworthy, or worse, potentially dangerous. Instead, spend your time focusing on the important stuff – like running a successful business. For peace of mind, make sure background checks become an integral part of your recruitment process.

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