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Technology Helping Transport Safety

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The Forestry Corporation of NSW has thrown its support behind a $6 million investment for new safety engineered log transport vehicles. Designed to reduce incidents and increase road safety for workers and other road users, this initiative should see a huge improvement in safety for the transport industry.

The trucks are equipped with latest safety features, such as electronic stability control, anti-lock braking, automatic load tensioning, and a global position system.

Forestry Corporation of NSW haulage and sales manager, Tijmen Klootwijk said,

“Each year around a million tonnes of log products are transported from the Forestry Corporation’s softwood plantations to timber processors in Oberon, Bathurst and Tumut, which equates to around 30,000 loaded truck movements, plus a further 30,000 return trips to the forest.”

Mr. Klootwijk said he wanted to see “each one of these trips completed safely”. Together with Mangan Haulage, he said they would be investing in as many as ten of the next-generation vehicles.

Mr. Klootwijk said they are also equipped with lifting axles, daytime running lights, an on-board weight measuring system, and the most recent emissions control technology system.

The vehicles are longer than traditional haulage vehicles, meaning their load can be spread more efficiently, in turn reducing the centre of gravity.

Unlike traditional trucking vehicles, the trucks will only be able to travel on approved roads.

The local and state Governments have also supported the move from the Forestry Corporation of NSW and Mangan Haulage to create a safer workplace. Member for Bathurst Paul Toole commented “With around a million tones of log products transported annually, this is an initiative that is an all-round winner from every perspective.”

Paula Johnson from Rapid Global adds “With many clients in the transport and logistics industry using our products such as Rapid Induct,  Rapid Contractor Management and Rapid Incident Reporting, we know the impact such improvements can have and we congratulate the forestry industry for this transport safety initiative.  Anytime technology is able to assist with making the workplace safer we all benefit.”

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