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Incident Reporting Software

What is Rapid Incident Reporting?

What if your staff and contractors could report an incident as soon as it occurs from any computer with internet access? What if that incident could be managed thoroughly in a simple yet efficient process through one online health and safety management system? Superior workplace incident reporting is now a reality with Rapid Incident Reporting from Rapid Global.

Rapid Incident Reporting is an online, fully hosted system for the management of the incident reporting process. Providing a reporting mechanism for all incidents within the workplace, the system allows anyone from within the business to report an incident. From investigation, to corrective actions, to reporting on statistics, our incident reporting software ensures the lifecycle of the incident is handled and tracked efficiently.

Rapid Incident reporting Screenshot Macbook

Rapid Incident Reporting is ideal for businesses reporting more than 50 incidents per month. Businesses with more than one site or with geographically diverse locations will also benefit from this online workplace incident software solution. If your business is looking to improve the reporting and investigating of incidents, or if your business has suffered from a fatality or severe personal injury in the work place, then Rapid Incident Reporting is the system solution for you.

Some of Australia’s biggest companies like Allied Mills, African Minerals, Mondelēz and the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust already rely on Rapid Incident Reporting to report incidents, and to investigate and implement corrective actions. Our workplace incident reporting software is fully customisable for any business category or industry and can be used to record injuries, environmental and quality issues, and as a security incident report software.

Help reduce your business’ incident risk by using online induction software to thoroughly and comprehensively train your workforce.

All Incident Types

When completing the incident report form in Rapid Incident Reporting, all incident types are able to be selected including:

  • First aid injury incidents
  • Environmental incidents
  • Lost time injury
  • Quality control issues
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Property damage or loss
  • Security incidents
  • Customer service complaints
  • Death or serious injury
  • Behavioural Safety Reports

safe behaviour_small

Rapid Incident Reporting as a Behavioural Safety Tool – read more!

Assisting with health and safety compliance

Rapid Incident Reporting can help your company with meeting requirements for the reporting and investigation of workplace incidents and occupational health and safety, including statutory reporting of notifiable work-related injuries and dangerous occurrences, a mandatory requirement under the Work Health and Safety (WH&S) Act.

Features Include:

Online Incident Reporting Software for effectively managing accidents and incidents within any workplace.

Rapid Incident Reporting Features.

  • Easy online access so you can use this system from any computer with internet access.

  • Users are assigned different access depending on their role.

  • The system can be used to record all aspects of the incident.

  • Incident types are adjustable and include lost time injury, environmental, quality control etc.

  • Notifications are escalated according to incident type and organisation structure. Optional auto notification for loss of time injuries to a particular manager, department, or site.

  • Has the ability to attach photos and interview records.

  • Includes injury management, rehabilitation and return-to-work features.

  • Has the ability to export data to Microsoft Excel.

  • Contains both information and data security.

  • Replaces existing Excel sheet occupational health and safety management systems.

  • Ensures all incidents are followed through, investigated and corrective actions are completed.

  • Provides excellent accessibility for all workers to report incidents from a desktop or any device with internet access.

  • Allows for customisation of incident types, with the form automatically displaying only the relevant sections to the person reporting the incident.

  • Create custom, board ready reports – displaying incident types, department statistics, time for incident close out etc.

  • 1800 number phone support for contractors and administrators.

  • Provides ongoing training and technical support for administrators.

  • Includes a customised login page.

  • Provides full implementation support.

We believe that anyone can create a system to capture data – but the true power of an Incident Reporting system comes from its ability to transform data into meaningful reports that reflect your organisation’s needs.
What Makes Rapid Incident Reporting Different?

Rapid Incident Reporting is simple to use. You don’t need to be a health and safety expert to use the system. Using an intuitive reporting system and dynamic reporting, the incident is reported quickly and easily. For personal injuries, the user only needs to click on the graphic of the body chart to record the area of injury. The system allows customisation to fit any client or industry. You can even change the language or descriptions used to suit your business and integrate the system into existing risk matrices and incident types. Rapid Incident Reporting doesn’t just record the incident; it helps solve the problem and get your workers back on the job through its injury management, rehabilitation and return-to-work features.

Rapid Incident Reporting Worker

Find the solution that best fits your needs

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