Australian Camp Services (ACS) provides catering services, accommodation management and associated support services for remote mining, construction, civil and oil and gas sites across Australia. The company also has extensive experience in facilities management and offers a range of associated services in urban areas to clients such as councils, national maintenance firms and state and local governments.


With many sites in remote locations across Australia, ACS was looking for a web-based solution that streamlined incident reporting. They were also looking for a simplified method that provided performance monitoring of injury data. ACS approached Rapid Global with the aim of resolving their biggest issue, which was the time delay in reporting of incidents and the lack of associated information related to the incident. With the company’s large focus on servicing the resources sector for camp management and active interaction with current and upcoming clients, ACS needed a proactive solution which would enable risks to be effectively reported and managed as quickly and efficiently as possible.  


Rapid Incident Reporting software was implemented 6 years ago to streamline the process and improve the timeliness of reporting incidents and injuries across the many worksites at ACS. The company used the incident reporting system in a unique way by embedding their existing risk tables into the Rapid system. This meant that there could be continuity between the old manual reporting system and the new web-based system, which had the added benefit of enabling past data to be analysed.

“One of the strong aspects of Rapid Incident Reporting software was that we were able to use our existing methodology, forms and risk tables by having existing data imported. This gave us an immediate reporting functionality, allowing us to analyse three years of back data as soon as the software was switched on.”

– QHSE Manager, Australian Camp Services


ACS keeps a close watch on statistics within the company and has found that after implementation of Rapid Incident Reporting there has been an overall reduction in injuries and a reduced rate of incidents. The QHSE manager at ACS attributes this to the higher awareness of workplace incidents and injuries as the result of the use of Rapid Incident Reporting software throughout the department.

“Rapid Incident Reporting has enabled the notification and provision of incident details to be streamlined into one operation. It has also streamlined the production of performance information that is included in project tenders.”

Australian Camp Services has become dedicated to ensuring that incident data is analysed and communicated to staff and management throughout the company, thus aiding risk reduction and helping to keep more people safe on the job. Additionally, implementing Rapid Incident Reporting has enabled cost and time savings to be made by freeing up time and resources previously spent on writing out and filing incident reports, as well as a reduction in work related injury claims being submitted. The system has provided the added benefit of making the production of project tenders more streamlined as ACS is now able to instantly access important performance data. Those using the software have found it to be an easy system to use which requires minimal instruction for effective use in incident reporting and is simple to customise. Looking to the future, ACS is exploring how Rapid Auditor and Rapid Contractor Management can be implemented to further aid the company in their continual aim to expand their facilities management operations to provide cost effective solutions for managers.  

“Having had experience with other web-based reporting products and by comparison, Rapid Incident Reporting has been an easy system to establish and maintain. The support team at Rapid have been exceptional in helping us to set up and maintain the system and customise elements of it to how we operate. Local support was one of the key deciders in using Rapid Global’s software.”

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