What is Rapid Incident Reporting?

Unexpected incidents happen at the workplace frequently. You can’t account for when they will occur, but it is your business’ responsibility to be in a position to respond to them thoroughly and professionally.

Rapid Incident Reporting provides your business with the consistency and accuracy you need to report incidents effectively. Our software helps any member of your staff report an incident immediately from any computer or device that has internet access.

First aid injuries, environmental incidents, vehicle accidents, property damage or loss and many other incident types can be managed through a single online health and safety management system. Rapid Incident Reporting software is fully customisable for organisations in any category or industry and can ultimately help reduce the number of incidents by centralising incident reports that provide insight about the safety record of your business.


Rapid Incident Reporting Product Features

The Rapid Incident Reporting system can be used to record all aspects of an incident with easy to use, intuitive software that’s accessible to every member of your team.

  • Incident types are adjustable and include lost time injury, environmental, quality control and more.
  • Notifications can be escalated automatically according to the type of incident and your organisation structure. Customise notifications for loss of time injuries to a specific manager, department, or site.
  • Attach photos and records of interviews to incident reports.
  • Includes injury management, rehabilitation and return-to-work features.
  • Replace existing Microsoft Excel sheet WHS management systems while retaining the ability to export data directly to Excel when you need it.
  • Follow through on all incidents, complete all investigations and ensure corrective actions are taken.
  • Give all workers access to report incidents from a desktop computer or any device with internet access.
  • Customise incident types and automatically display only the relevant form sections to staff members completing incident reports.
  • Create custom, board ready reports that display incident types, department statistics, time for incident close out and more key information.
  • 1800 number phone support for contractors and administrators.
  • Ongoing training and technical support for administrators.
  • Customized login page.
  • Full implementation support.

Rapid Incident Reporting Features

Reporting on notifiable work-related injuries and dangerous occurrences is a mandatory requirement under the Work Health and Safety Act. To manage your incident reports effectively and improve your business’ ability to investigate, gain insights and implement corrective actions, the features of Rapid Incident Reporting include:

  • Primary and secondary incident types
  • ‘Dangerous Goods’ section
  • Workers compensation and return to work costings
  • Environmental impact
  • Risk matrices

Rapid Incident Reporting is the simple way to capture data and transform it into meaningful reports that reflect the needs of your business. These insights put your business in a position to protect workers on the job and support them through injury management and rehabilitation so that they can return to work as soon as possible, assisting with health and safety compliance. 

Help your workplace reduce risk further by integrating Rapid Incident Reporting with Rapid Global’s online induction software. Rapid Induct lets you easily manage all workplace inductions and training, making for a safer, smarter workplace.

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