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Key Features

Rapid Induct goes beyond most e-learning software and online induction software. With its capability to assist business owners across all aspects of their workplace training, Rapid Induct is the ultimate in workforce management software.

  • Unlimited Courses
    • Rapid Induct Course
    • Create and deliver unlimited courses through one complete and secure system

      Rapid Induct gives you the control and flexibility to build and edit courses that quickly respond to organisational needs and industry changes. With Rapid Induct, your safety education is always up to date and clearly understood by everyone inducted into your company and onto your site.

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  • Pre-written Courses
    • Rapid Induct Course
    • Rapid Induct Pre-Written Courses is included In Every Package!

      Create your own course or use a pre-written course direct from your own course library! Rapid Induct includes a library of pre-written courses for your convenience. Issue workplace training and induction courses at the click of a mouse.
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      Pre-written Courses includes:
      • Electronic Communication & Social Media
      • WHS Course for Managers & Supervisors
      • Working at Heights
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  • Share and Collect
    • Rapid Induct Share and Collect
    • Collaborate and communicate with your workers by sharing resources and making safety documentation instantly available online.

      Provide your workers with instant access to resources that help them to work safer! Rapid Induct allows you to share documents such as site maps, safety procedures and forms with workers by making them available 24/7 through the online trainee portal. Using the App on their mobile device, emergency documents such as emergency procedures are always at hand when they are needed the most. What’s more, with Rapid Induct you can request certificates and licenses from your workers to ensure you have all the information at hand and stored in one place. With Rapid Induct, document sharing is both collaborative and secure.

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  • Add Questionnaires
    • Rapid Induct Questionnaires
    • Induct and train your workers and test their knowledge by creating questionnaires and quizzes throughout your online courses.

      Each Rapid Induct course can contain a questionnaire or a quiz that is easy to create and edit as needed.
      Test your inductee’s knowledge by ensuring each page of information in your online induction course has a question attached.
      Rapid Induct includes a simple to use quiz or questionnaire editor that allows you to create your own questionnaires throughout each course.
      Obtain your trainee’s electronic signature by finishing each online induction or training course with a final "acknowledgement"? question.

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  • Multi-media
    • Rapid Induct Course
    • Online induction and training courses with multi-media, images and sound created by you!

      You don’t need to be a Graphic Artist or Filmmaker to create great online induction and training courses with multi-media.
      With Rapid Induct you are able to build courses by adding images and video quickly and simply.
      Rapid Induct is designed to provide any organisation with the tools to create and edit their online induction courses without the need for outside assistance.
      Just create your pages of text and then add images and video and you are ready to go!

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  • Job Role Specific
    • Rapid Induct Job Role Specific
    • Create a training matrix to issue the right courses to the right people at the click of a mouse!

      Every job role requires a different training schedule and Rapid Induct allows you to cater for the online training needs of all of your personnel types.
      Rapid Induct features the ability to create personnel type profiles that can be allocated specific online induction courses to be completed in any order unique to the job role. An inbuilt training matrix manages all of your training requirements and allows you to issue courses at the click of a mouse to ensure each worker receives the training that is specific to their job role.

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  • Contractor management features
    • Rapid Induct Course
    • Rapid Induct is ideally suited to the unique compliance requirements of contractor management.

      Provide contractors with an online induction course to be completed before arriving at site. By completing the course online, the contractor is able to arrive at site "work ready"?. Rapid Induct is also able to include an ID card for on-site identification of contractors. Use the Rapid Global App to scan the contractor ID card QR code and instantly view the inductee’s compliance details such as induction status, licenses and insurances. Combine Rapid Induct with a site sign in sign out option such as Rapid Access systems and optional key dispenser cabinets for secure key allocation.

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  • Rapid Induct APP
    • Rapid Induct Course
    • Includes Free App

      The Rapid Induct App allows you and your staff to check inductee’s while out on site. Scan the QR code on your contractor’s ID card or look up a worker using the App to view their induction status, documents and certificates. Spot checking of workers has never been easier.

      Emergency Procedure Documents at your fingertips!

      Using the cloud storage feature in Rapid Induct, you can make your emergency procedures and policies available 24/7 through the Rapid Global App.

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  • Certificate of Completion
    • Rapid Induct Course
    • Rapid Induct provides each learner with a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the online induction course.

      Certificates of completion contain a pass score, the questions and optional checklist contained in the course.

      Further options in the Rapid Induct system allow for the learner to sign off on a declaration on the certificate when they arrive on site to ensure they are compliant with the policies and procedures. All certificates can be viewed using the App or the administrator dashboard to view an inductee’s details.

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  • Multi-site features
    • Rapid Induct Course
    • Rapid Induct is perfect for organisations with multiple sites!

      By providing your organisation with administrator permission levels suited to multisite management, Rapid Induct ensures you are able to have one system for all of your online training and induction needs without compromising on your organisational structure or site autonomy. Ensuring your online training software reflects your organisational structure and allows your site management to manage their own online training content and data.

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Helping you to get on with the job!

Rapid Induct is ideal for businesses of all sizes and all industries with employee and contractor training and induction management needs.
Rapid Induct can be combined with other products in the Rapid Global software product range to ensure a full end to end compliance and integrated safety management system for your workplace.
Award Winning Online Induction Software

lynch meyerRapid Induct contains a library of pre-written courses for workplace training.  Rapid Induct pre-written courses are checked by Lynch Meyer lawyers to ensure they are in line with current WHS legislation.

Providing you with standardized compliance training to support your workplace policies.

Rapid Induct Course Library

  • Safety Licence / Permit To Work Course
  • Hazard Management Course
  • Working At Heights
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Workplace Health and Safety for Managers
  • Safety License Permit To Work

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