See how Alinta Energy use Rapid software to streamline contractor management

Alinta Energy has been supplying gas and electricity to Australians for more than 20 years. They operate Australia wide from some of Australia’s most far-flung locations— employing 800+ people and keeping 1 million customers connected to reliable energy.

As exciting as it is to be Australia’s fastest-growing energy retailer, Alinta Energy’s large and widespread operation brings an increased level of risk, as well as operational and compliance challenges. Larger organisations need reliable systems, and we are delighted to hear that Rapid software has streamlined Alinta’s contractor safety and made risk management so much easier.

Better contractor management solutions

“As a larger organisation, you need more tailored solutions, and with Rapid, we have that capability. Rapid is a one-stop shop for contractor management.”

-Sahra Vidotto, Power Generation HSE Manager, Alinta Energy

Alinta Energy has a transient workforce, and on certain days there may be hundreds of different contractors coming onto their job sites. It makes contractor compliance one of their biggest daily challenges — In 2017, when Alinta joined Rapid, they needed a way to streamline their contractor management process. 

Alinta Energy saw immediate improvements to contractor safety when Rapid’s WHS system was implemented

Rapid Contract Management allows Alinta to set up each contracting company and upload all their compliance documents before anyone ever arrives at a job site. The contracting company uploads their public liability insurance, motor vehicle, and other documents — then each contractor must undertake induction training, as well as upload their photo ID, licences, and other paperwork.

Once a contractor arrives at the front gate, they sign in via the Rapid Access system. The system automatically checks if the contractor is compliant. Any non-compliant contractors are denied entry, such as contractors who have not completed an induction, safety training or don’t have up-to-date insurance.

With Rapid systems, Alinta’s compliance team can easily monitor who is on-site (when they arrived, how long they stayed, and which sites they visited). 

Rapid Admin Tools App adds the ability to cross-check identities when out in the field

With so many people coming onto the organisations’ multiple job sites, it would be almost impossible to cross-check the identities of contractors without a live online system. For example, you would never actually ensure that the “Mark Burns Electrician” who had provided an insurance document is the same contractor out on-site.

“If I’m looking at a line on a spreadsheet, I don’t know who Mark Burns is. With Rapid, I can go up to anyone on-site — get out the app, look at their photo, and see all their documents.”

Rapid systems update in real-time. If an ID doesn’t checkout, a permit is missing, or a licence has expired — that person is immediately denied entry to the site. Even better, the backend reporting means that logs are in place. Everything is recorded. 

“Quality control and visibility are impossible with spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are only good for the person who created the document. Data integrity is impossible to track, and one person can easily wreak havoc if they accidentally delete a formula or copy over a file”.

Even in 2022, some companies have not migrated to online systems and are still using spreadsheets to manage their contractors.

“With Rapid systems, we have logs in place. When a change is made, it is recorded. This is one of the benefits of the live system. What you must remember with compliance is if something goes wrong, you’re the person that engaged that contractor. Make no mistakes, you need to have checks and balances. Now I have the control that I haven’t had in the past.”

Strong contractor engagement 

“When you make processes easy for someone, they are more likely to do it. Easy processes help form the right habits — and the checks and balances keep each contracting company aligned to our expectations”.

Uptake by contracting companies of the Rapid Contractor Management software has been excellent. Because the Rapid dashboard is easy to use and follow. Our contracting companies can self manage their contractors by pre-screening them to ensure they’ve done their safety training before they are authorised for work on a job site. This also saves a lot of work for the Alinta compliance team.

“As Alinta’s business continues to grow and its workforce expands, it is great to know that Rapid workforce management software is behind the scenes helping us to get on with the job.”

Rapid helps Alinta Energy facilitate safe and compliant worksites, as they connect more and more Australians to sustainable and affordable energy.

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