CJD Equipment is the largest and most successful privately-owned, Australian equipment and trucking distributor. They employ over 400 staff and liaise with 556 individual contractors across their 18 workshops and showrooms around Australia. CJD Equipment have a commitment to become Australia’s leading provider of world class construction equipment and trucks, in addition to providing quality servicing for these products.


With sites spread out across Australia, CJD Equipment wanted an online, centralised method of inducting their contractors and employees to make sure they all had the same information about the core values of the company and OH&S requirements. A streamlined way for distributing inductions specific to personnel or job types was also required.

“National Head Office needed to ensure all Branches were following accepted procedures. Even though Health and safety is a front-line function, some administrative tasks are best suited to a central role.”

– Tim Willix, National Manager for Health, Safety and the Environment


Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management were implemented as solutions for CJD Equipment. They now use the online induction software as a core unit for contractors and employees to describe the history of the company, vision and mission statement, as well as health, safety and environmental requirements. Employees are then issued additional induction modules which are tailored to their work type. Workplace inductions are set to be repeated every two years to ensure all personnel are remaining up to date with the most recent company information. These inductions are automatically reset on the employee’s dashboard at the right time. Once they have completed these online components for the first time, CJD Equipment conduct face-to-face inductions to get the new employees orientated on site.

CJD Equipment have a range of different additional courses and are continually expanding their library in Rapid Induct. Currently there are about 90 modules, with a short video uploaded for all employees each month. These videos are considered to be awareness modules and consist of a variety of topics such as skin cancer, transitioning young workers, fatigue and customer service, to name just a few.

Introducing the contractor management software has provided a central location for storing all contractor documentation and information about inductees. It has also brought to light those contractors (usually sole traders) who are unfamiliar with risk management documentation. HSE then contact them and assist with creating the necessary documents to ensure all personnel are fully compliant.


“The staff inductions can now be carried out in real time with the ability to immediately upload new policies and information.”

Tim Willix, the National Manager for Health, Safety and the Environment at CJD Equipment, has found that the benefits of Rapid Contractor Management have been the ‘transparency, real time applications and reporting’. As a manager, he has found that having visibility of the training data and contractor information has assisted him by providing great immediate visibility of information in regard to the status of contractors and employees. Branch level administrators can view all contractor information for their own branch, thus creating greater visibility within the company. Furthermore, there have been very considerable time and cost savings at both the branch and national levels.

“All Branches have administration rights so they can view their contractor’s details.”

CJD Equipment was founded on a bold determination to become Australia’s leading provider of world class construction equipment and trucks. They plan to continue this mission whilst growing the business in a way which is profitable, environmentally sustainable and keeps their employees safe. Rapid Global seeks to help them in this endeavor by continuing to provide excellent contractor management and online induction systems to help the company run as smoothly as possible.