“It’s a hands-off approach”

– Ian Sinning, Operations Support Coordinator at Doral

Based in Western Australia, Doral Fused Materials is a mining company that process raw materials and value-adds them in a sustainable way. Each month, they have 40 employees on site, plus around 100 individual contractors.


Getting people inducted to site was a time-consuming effort for Doral prior to Rapid Induct. Each induction took a large amount of time and resources to administer. This was impractical and inefficient for management and Doral. It was decided that an online training system would work as a solution.

“Before we did it, it was all paper based and you’d have someone come in for half a day of going through internal training modules and introducing each different hazard and every different rule to them.”


Rapid Induct has helped the Doral team to effectively and efficiently induct their staff, contractors, drivers and visitors. They found the course creation process to be seamless and easy:

“I remember it being really simple: linking everything together, making the questionnaires, and getting pictures in there. I couldn’t fault it.”

There are a broad range of courses they have created using Rapid Induct, including separate contractor, employee and visitor/driver inductions and a course on employee code of conduct. Doral found this helpful as it enabled them to give personnel a short course outlining their zero-tolerance stance on harassment of any kind while employees could complete the course in the privacy of their own home. They also created a course to outline the emergency response plan, which has been a big time-saver.

“…It takes people through our emergency response plan, and that’s been really helpful because I don’t have to go out and sit down with each individual person for 2 hours and talk them through it.”


Implementing Rapid Induct has proven to be a great time and cost saver for Doral. Instead of spending hours inducting each person, inductions can be issued via the online Rapid portal and sent directly to employees. This process is part of their risk management plan, in that having an effective online induction system ensures that no one is missed and all people are aware of their responsibilities on a Doral site.

“Every risk assessment I do that comes back to contractor management and hazard identification, ‘site induction’ is one of the first things I write as a control. …Especially for our bigger hazards, like acids and high electricity currents, it’s good to say ‘I told you about that when you got inducted’.”