“There is a requirement for everyone to be inducted on every project. What Rapid allows us to do is mobilise people quicker and be more flexible with our clients. It allows us to free up resources to work on other areas of the business as well.”

–          Wade Matthews, HSEC & Quality Manager, Lucas TCS

Lucas Total Contract Solutions was founded over 40 years ago as a family-owned business. The name says it all for this company – Lucas TCS is dedicated to providing their clients with all the contract solutions they may require. With about 400 employees and a varying amount of labour hiring contractors (usually around 50), they work across Australia in every state. They perform work across all terrain, from metropolitan CBDs, to regional and very remote areas. Services provided by Lucas TCS include mining, civil maintenance, bulk haulage, waste management, air transport, as well as many other areas.


With sites spread out across the country, one of the main issues Lucas TCS were facing was being able to get people inducted in a timely and efficient manner. Using their old system, inductions were being conducted face-to-face, using a lot of work hours for both the inductee and the trainer.

“Before we implemented this system we were undertaking a 2-3 hour corporate induction every day in our head office. Now it has saved myself or the person who was delivering the course 10-15 hours a week on just corporate inductions, let alone the site inductions as well!”

Further to the need for induction time savings, management at Lucas TCS were also finding the process of managing company documents without an online system to be very labour intensive. It was difficult to determine who was and wasn’t compliant, and given the need for compliance before purchase orders can be raised for engagement of work, this was an area of the company which needed an alternative, online solution.


Implementing Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management has enabled major time and cost savings for Lucas TCS. For those people at a regional or remote site, it was very difficult, impractical and costly to get all personnel to one central location for their induction. Using Rapid Induct, all inductions can be completed prior to entering site, thus saving a lot of time and meaning that when people arrive on site, they can get to work much more quickly.

“It allows people to undertake the inductions before getting to site, which increases productivity. You’re not having someone land on site and spend their first day being inducted. Now it’s a quick orientation on site, then they’re out on job.”

One of the other advantages of working with Rapid Global has been the ability for even those who are less computer literate to still be able to easily complete their inductions online. Using the free Rapid Induct Premium app, people who are less familiar with computers have been able to easily download the app and complete their induction on their phone or any other internet-enabled device.


Having the ability to ensure everyone is inducted and compliant before a project even arises means that when a client calls requesting a specific need be met urgently, Lucas TCS are able to quickly send someone out. This is in contrast to when they would have to go to site, spend the first day doing an induction, and then get to work.

“It puts the onus back onto the contracting company to ensure they are uploading their documents, which has led to a much higher level of compliance. It saves a lot of time, money and resources – getting people inducted and managing company documents is basically a full time job otherwise, while now it can just be a function of somebody’s role.”

A crucial aspect for Lucas TCS to continue thriving is to maintain their safety practitioner certifications. Having transparency of company documents and inductions means that when auditors come to site and request to see records proving their workers have been correctly trained in all required areas, they can quickly and easily show them through Rapid Induct. Lucas TCS is using Rapid Induct as not just an induction platform, but also a training platform. This means their supervisors and managers are receiving monthly training modules to ensure they are all up to date with the latest legislative responsibilities and requirements, risk management procedures, human resource information, as well as many other applicable topics.

“We have extended Rapid Induct to use it as an online training platform for our company, so approximately every month we send out a ‘manager and supervisor training’ to every leader in our team. We are not using it as just an induction platform, but also a training platform.”