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Two Powerful Systems Combine to Create the Ultimate Access Control System!

Rapid Global is pleased to announce that our Rapid Access software can now integrate with Visium Networks’ Protege GX platform. Protege GX is a leading intrusion detection and building automation platform.

By integrating the Rapid Access System with Protege GX we have created a powerful Access Intelligence platform designed to enhance your site entry and exit security.

About Access Intelligence

Access Intelligence is the new integrated system that combines Rapid Access Systems with the Protege GX platform from Visium Networks. Site safety and compliance starts with secure site entry and exit protocols and a tight chain of responsibility is key.

Enforcing policy is an ongoing challenge for HSE Managers and this new exciting integration allows visitors and contractors entering your site to use the gate control system to sign in automatically to the Rapid Access System. Contractors using their gate control card to enter the site are also automatically cross checked in the Rapid Contractor Management system.

A Holistic ‘Who Is Onsite List’

With Access Intelligence, regular access control card holders who enter and exit site no longer have to go to a Rapid Access terminal to check in or out. Instead, they can simply swipe their card at a Visium controlled gate or turnstile. Details of visitors and contractors using the gate control pass are automatically visible in the Rapid Access Systems software and App.

Efficient Checking In/Out

Exiting via the reception office can be a thing of the past! Another benefit of Access Intelligence is that it allows visitors to sign out without the need to return to a Rapid Access terminal. Instead, pedestrian visitors can enter a PIN number printed on their Rapid Access sticker at a designated gate reader. They will then be signed out of the Rapid Access System. This is a great convenience for truck drivers as well, who will also be able to enter their PIN number at a designated gate reader.

Disabling Non-Compliant Users’ Access Control Cards

Contractor compliance enhanced! Further to the above, if a user’s induction or insurance documents are not up-to-date in Rapid Global’s system, Access Intelligence will ensure that their access control cards are automatically disabled at the gate; preventing non-compliant users from accessing a site. The user will then be responsible for completing their induction and/or updating their insurance documents in order for the control card to be reactivated.

Stronger Together

Rapid Global and Visium Networks are excited to be offering this new Access Intelligence platform to our clients. Together, we can help HSE Managers create a safer and secure workplace for all people on site.

Contact us today to find out more about how Access Intelligence can be added to your site.

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