Is artificial intelligence the future of workplace health and safety?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in 2023 with the technology rapidly transforming the way different industries and departments operate. From improving efficiencies and productivity to automating tedious manual tasks, the advancements in AI are paving the way for a more intelligent and automated workplace.

We speak with Australian-based technology company Nirovision, to discover more about their AI-powered facial recognition software and how companies are transforming contractor management and site access control by pairing Rapid’s workforce management software with Nirovision’s Doorkeeper.

How is facial recognition technology transforming workplace health and safety?

Facial recognition technology has the potential to revolutionise health and safety in several ways:

Visitor management

A workplace can leverage facial recognition to implement a safe and secure sign-in process for visitors. This offers numerous benefits, including reduced wait times for returning visitors, enhanced site security, and improved productivity through automation.

The technology can be integrated with Rapid’s workforce management software to cross-check compliance and ensure that only authorised personnel are allowed on-site. With an accurate record of each visitor’s entry and exit, it eliminates the need for outdated and insecure logbooks. The automated system also provides real-time data and insights to help facility managers optimise front desk resources and streamline operations.

Access control

Facial recognition can link with access control solutions to grant or deny access to secure areas, such as laboratories or secure storage facilities, based on an individual’s authorisation level and compliance status. This eliminates the hassles of keys and swipe cards being lost, stolen, or shared and provides insights into what doors were accessed by which individuals at what times.

Automated vehicle access

Facial recognition can be a highly effective way to verify the identity of drivers at vehicle entry points, ensuring that only authorised personnel are granted access to your site. By combining this technology with automatic license plate recognition, you can also identify and cross-check vehicle compliance before granting access.

The technology can be integrated with access control systems to open boom gates for authorised drivers and vehicles automatically. In addition, you’re able to capture vehicle insights, traffic volumes and trends. This can dramatically improve the efficiency of operations and reduce wait times for drivers entering and exiting a site.

Evacuations and safety checks

Facial recognition can provide a digital record of everyone on-site. This data can be invaluable in the event of an evacuation, as it can be used to mark people as safe quickly and accurately.

With Nirovision’s facial recognition, site administrators can quickly check if an individual has signed in and is compliant with relevant regulations by simply pointing their phone at the person. This feature can help improve overall efficiency and reduce the burden on managers responsible for security and compliance.

BAC and temperature screening

In addition to identifying someone, the technology can integrate with thermometer and blood alcohol content devices to ensure individuals meet the health requirements to come onsite.

Alarms can be set up to notify security if someone doesn’t pass an alcohol or temperature check, with all results being logged digitally for easy reference and reporting.

Time and attendance

Facial recognition technology is a valuable tool for tracking employee time and attendance. By automating the sign-in process, this technology can save employees time and increase productivity. In addition, it can help prevent fraudulent sign-in activity, as workers must be physically present to log their attendance.

The technology can also help streamline payroll processes, as total hours worked can be automatically calculated and recorded for each employee. This eliminates the need for manual timesheets and can save HR teams significant time and effort.

Better security

Site security can be improved with a record of names matched to faces and insights into who’s onsite at any time. A workplace can also integrate facial recognition with security cameras to further monitor secure areas and alert managers if someone enters a restricted area. In addition, it can save time investigating security footage.

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What needs to be considered, when implementing facial recognition technology in the workplace?


Employees should be informed about the use of facial recognition, and how it will be used. If using Nirovision’s facial recognition, it can be helpful to let staff know that the software is proprietary built and maintained by an Australian company.

Like any new technology, facial recognition has accumulated some myths since its inception. But with a bit more understanding of how the technology actually works, your staff can discover what is true and what is not.

Data protection

Biometric data is sensitive data, so it’s paramount to work with a technology partner that takes a security-by-design approach.

Nirovision provides users and admins with best practices and necessary features to protect their data. This includes robust features to prevent unauthorised access, different levels of roles and permission available and security.


A workplace should have clear policies in place for the collection and use of the data, who will have access to it, where it will be stored, and how long it will be kept.

Consultation and consent are always advisable. With Rapid + Nirovision, consent can be obtained through the induction process before someone arrives onsite.

How are Rapid’s clients using facial recognition at their sites and facilities?

Manufacturing Industry

To enhance the security and efficiency of their manufacturing plant, a Sydney-based company installed a range of Doorkeeper kiosks and cameras. Using facial recognition to verify the identities of employees and contractors entering and leaving the plant has eliminated the need for physical keys and swipe cards, making it easier to monitor and manage access to different parts of the facility.

The sign-in process also includes compliance checks via Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management, to identify and flag any compliance issues, such as expired certifications or licenses. It also includes blood alcohol checks for personnel to keep the plant alcohol-free.

Furthermore, facial recognition was linked to a number of cameras and access control doors to help ensure that only authorised personnel can enter sensitive or restricted areas.

Finally, all the time and attendance data captured including hours totalled is used to streamline payroll. The installation of Rapid + Nirovision has greatly improved the security and efficiency of the manufacturing plant, creating a safer and more productive work environment.

Transport Industry

In an effort to improve efficiency, security, and compliance, a Melbourne-based transport and logistics company recently implemented several measures. They installed a range of cameras that link to turnstiles, enabling staff to enter and exit with a facial recognition check. This includes cross-checking compliance within Rapid Contractor Management and Rapid Induct and logging the entry and exit times of everyone. The company also installed a combination of license plate recognition (LPR) and IP cameras at vehicle entry points to allow only compliant drivers and vehicles to enter the premises.

To welcome and sign in site visitors, the company set up Nirovision’s Doorkeeper kiosk at reception. This includes a visitor survey, host notification alerts, and the printing of visitor labels, providing a user-friendly and streamlined way to register site visitors.

Overall, the implementation of these technologies and processes has significantly improved the company’s efficiency, security, and compliance. The integration of Rapid + Nirovision has made the transport and logistics company a safer and more secure place for everyone.

Is your organisation ready to transform workplace health and safety with AI?

Running Rapid’s workplace management software with Nirovision’s Doorkeeper offers an automated and seamless site check-in experience and enhances security across all of your sites, increasing compliance and safety of your workforce.

Discover more about the Rapid + Nirovision integration by requesting a demonstration and transform health and safety in your workplace with AI technology.

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