AI Checkpoints revolutionising visitor & vehicle management

Rapid Global is excited to announce it has partnered with Nirovision to create an integrated solution, AI Checkpoints, combining Licence Plate Recognition and facial recognition technology with Rapid’s award-winning workforce management solutions.

What is Nirovision’s automatic licence plate and facial recognition?

Nirovision’s technology installed at your site access points will use IP cameras to identify licence plates as well as perform ID checks with facial recognition.  The system then grants access after verification through Rapid for compliance, documentation and any other checks required.

If for any reason a vehicle or person is denied access, a notification can be sent to nominated account admins. Businesses can choose to implement just vehicle licence plate recognition or facial recognition technology, or both at the same time based on their business or specific site needs.

Within the Nirovision dashboard, administrators can see all details of access and time on site, with a deep integration with Rapid showing compliance status and direct access to the Rapid systems to further action if required.

How does Rapid fit?

This AI Checkpoint technology integrates with Rapid Access, Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management.

Rapid Access is a comprehensive sign-in and screening tool that allows you to view and track all site vehicles, visitors, employees, and contractors in real-time from a single dashboard.

It has a range of advanced features including automated reporting, tailored check-ins for different visitor types, emergency evacuation management and integrations to transform your entire check-in processes.

Rapid Induct is a cloud-based safety induction and compliance training software and Rapid Contractor Management is used to manage compliance.

All of Rapid’s products integrate with each other and by pairing them with AI Checkpoints, you can even further streamline visitor management to create a seamless experience for visitors, employees and contractors while keeping your work site safe and compliant.

Benefits of licence plate and facial recognition

Automate access control!

By automating the licence plate and facial recognition check process, this removes the need for manned gatehouses and/or intercom to reception, swipe cards or pin codes upon entry. By automating access, it saves time and can avoid congestion and improve efficiencies.

Receive custom vehicle alerts

Users can set up custom alerts to know when a vehicle is stopped for any reason so you can act quickly and minimise any entry delays. You can also use the data to create reports and discover insights on how to manage the vehicle throughput at your site.

Improve safety

Preventing access to vehicles that are missing a roadworthiness certificate, insurances or are not authorised to access certain areas of the worksite, can help prevent incidents caused by vehicles that are not up to safety standards to work in restricted areas.

Better insights

Nirovision makes it incredibly easy to view entry and exit times for different vehicles and visitors including the total time on site.

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Want to learn more about AI Checkpoints?

It’s easier than ever to streamline, secure and automate your visitor management processes with Rapid Access. If you are interested in learning how AI Checkpoints can enhance your compliance, visitor access and risk management, request a free demonstration.

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