New security measures for Rapid Auditor

Rapid’s information systems meet the world standard in information security management with ISO 27001 certification. This means we have demonstrated independently verifiable and robust risk management systems that conform to the best practices currently outlined in the standard. The standard demonstrates Rapid’s commitment to developing software solutions that protect our clients’ operations and digital assets.

Over the last month, Rapid have been reviewing our security processes to ensure we are continuously improving our practices. There has been a focus around automated email notifications and hyperlinks included in these emails. Hyperlinks within an email pose a security risk when an email is forwarded or not deleted appropriately.

Changes to Rapid Auditor Notifications

In order to ensure that we are protecting our client’s information, remain ISO 27001 certified and follow best practice with our data security, we have made a few changes to the Rapid Auditor email notifications that users receive.

Rapid Auditor users may have noticed that hyperlinks that link directly into the Rapid Auditor system have been removed. In the coming months, where there was once a hyperlink, it will be replaced with an instruction on how to complete the audit, task, or action. During this time, you may see some formatting changes to our Auditor Notification emails.

What does this mean moving forward?

Rapid Auditor users will need to login to their MyRapid account to access the Rapid Auditor page. From there users will need to navigate by searching for the audit number and completing the action required.

A long-term goal at Rapid is to review all email notifications across all of our products and ensure that all unnecessary hyperlinks are removed from email notifications. This is another step in our commitment to ensuring your data remains protected.

We’re always listening

To learn more about these changes, or any other new product features, contact our experts today at the Rapid Global Support team.

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