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How to deploy Rapid Access + Alcolizer for enhanced site safety

In any industry, having intoxicated personnel arrive on site poses extreme risks. This is especially true for those in the transport, mining, and manufacturing industries, where one wrong move or slow reaction could be fatal.

For such a crucial element of site safety, it obviously pays to proactively manage your risks.

What are the benefits of alcohol testing for your workplace?

Employers are legally obligated to eliminate and manage risks associated with drug and alcohol misuse as part of their WHS obligations. Compliance is essential in high-risk workplaces.

The top 6 benefits of alcohol testing for your workplace are:

  • Employee safety
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced work-related accidents
  • Reduced workplace conflicts
  • Reduced absenteeism & staff turnover
  • Protection for your brand and reputation

The Rapid Access + Alcolizer integration allows you to enforce your workplace health and safety policies associated with alcohol use and prevent intoxicated personnel gaining access to your site.

What is Alcolizer?

Headquartered in Australia, Alcolizer Technology is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of alcohol breath testing equipment. For almost 30 years Alcolizer has helped law enforcement workforces, federal agencies, and other high-risk industries such as transport, construction, and manufacturing and mining to manage workplace hazards.

There are two main ways you can implement this technology:

Wall Mount 4 (WM4)
Designed for high volume testing, Alcolizer’s fixed point Wall Mount 4 commercial and industrial alcohol breathalyser self-recalibrates every 12 hours. It eliminates downtime, while maintaining highly accurate results. The WM4 offers out-of-the-box connectivity and impressive integration options.

Centurion-Zero Tolerance
The compact, high-volume passive alcohol testing unit Centurion – Zero Tolerance is designed for high-volume industrial and commercial sites. Using patented modular calibration technology Centurion enables calibration to be completed on site in around 60 seconds, reducing down-time.

How does the Rapid Access + Alcolizer integration work?

Upon arrival on site, your employees and contractors will check-in using the Rapid Access Terminal where they will complete the mandatory screening questions.

When integrated with Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management, contractors and suppliers arriving on site are cross-checked in the Rapid system. Anyone that does not meet the compliance requirements (such as completing site induction or WHS training, certifications and licences, insurance documentation or a permit to work) will be denied access to your site.

If they are compliant, they will be prompted to complete a breath test.

A negative reading allows the worker entry to the site, while a positive reading denies the worker site entry, with a report automatically sent to the Site Manager or host.

What are the benefits of Rapid Access + Alcolizer integration for my business?

Each organisation will have its own policies and procedures for managing risk, and for carrying out alcohol testing.

The advantage of having an integration with Rapid Global solutions means you can access additional benefits:

  • Prevent anyone under the influence of alcohol from gaining access to your site or facilities
  • Auto alerts sent to relevant site manager if a positive breath test is returned
  • Ability to set either random breath testing, blanket testing of your entire workforce or target by specific job roles, or sites

Additional features are unlocked when you Use Rapid Access + Alcolizer with an electronic key management system like Torus for greater security of your facilities, vehicles, and machinery.

Are you ready to enhance site safety and get the most from your Rapid Access visitor management system?

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