March 2024 product updates

March’s update brings you Rapid modules in new languages, the ability to start posting and applying for jobs within Rapid B2B, and more! 

Use Rapid in five different languages 

Italian, Swedish, Polish, Finnish and Turkish language translations are now available for Rapid Go, Trainee Portal, Contractor Portal and the MyRapid Portal.  

Cater to a broader audience and ensure your users can navigate and utilise the software more easily. 

Find and win work with B2B Job Posting 

Rapid B2B Job Posting is a free service connecting businesses with Rapid’s own database of 80,000 contractor companies, allowing users to post jobs and target subcontractors based on their defined criteria. Connect with interested contractors, review applications and shortlist suitable candidates based on their credentials and capabilities, to help grow your business. 

Rapid B2B premium subscribers get early access, document verification features and more.

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Save time…

  • Reviewing inductees. In Rapid Contractor Management, a new checkbox can be used to include deactivated inductees in the Inductee grid within the Company record. This allows users to filter deactivated inductees in or out from reporting, to help with day-to-day administration. 
  • Deactivating subcontractors. Subcontractors can be deactivated directly from the My Subcontractors page in Rapid B2B – and always be reactivated if needed. This gives B2B users more control over the management of subcontractors. 
  • Searching for Transport information. In the Contractor Portal’s Transport Dashboard, Transport entries can now be searched/filtered by Location. This enables better insights into transport activities. 

Enhanced incident reporting for vehicles 

Customers using the Motor Vehicle module have additional fields at their disposal to capture more detailed reports. The Investigation Report PDF has also been enhanced to allow for quick-reference of motor-vehicle incidents.  

Contractor Manager has introduced 3 new icons 

We have introduced three new icons on the dashboard of our Rapid Contractor Management software. The three new icons, “Companies”, “Documents”, and “Workers” will enhance the user experience for administrators navigating the platform. 

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Improved access control integrations

Managing site access is complex, time-consuming, costly and error-prone, especially when there’s a need to ensure that only compliant personnel can enter and extended operational hours. 

To assist with this, we have released enhancements to our ProtegeGX and Integriti access control integrations, two flagship products in this space. If you are interested in learning how access control solutions can enhance your entry workflows, request a free demonstration. 

More fields available in the Rapid API

In addition to our suite of native and third-party integrations, we have a Restful API that allows for greater flexibility and control. Using our API allows for more scalable, tailored connections to your business specific needs. 

In that spirit, our Inductee Create and Inductee Update API endpoints now include a Responsible Admin field. This enables more accurate reporting, and ensures the correct admins are notified when it comes to document verification for different workers. 

Fixes and improvements

Rapid Contractor Management & Portal

  • We fixed a few issues related to the E-Form matrix involving mismatched questions and a missing top row in the Excel version. 
  • In some cases, Google autofill was not populating the State information correctly, which has been fixed. 
  • Some users reported issues trying to include the Responsible Admin in Expired Document emails. This is now working as expected. 
  • Totals and filters are working again in the Contractor Management Report, the Worker Dashboard and the Transport List. 
  • A few customers experienced issues while changing certain personnel types and updating External IDs, that should not continue to occur. 

Rapid Induct

  • The Trainee report and Inductee Form report information on Pending Forms sometimes did not match the Trainee section.  
  • Changes were not saved when copying deactivated courses or editing questions on draft courses. Additionally, some customers were temporarily unable to moderate courses. 
  • We improved the way we note courses set to never expire and fixed an issue that prevented SCORM courses from being previewed and completed using Google Chrome. 
  • Pre-registered groups can complete courses and sign in, even if the course’s final page is off. 

Rapid GO & Rapid Access

  • Users with accented characters in their name sometimes were prevented from signing in, which shouldn’t be the case anymore.  

Rapid Incident Reporting

  • Some admins reported an inconsistent experience with certain incident and action notifications. This should be resolved. 

Rapid Auditor

  • Some sub-audits did not show the form attached to the master audit. This has been rectified. 
  • Some recurring tasks were not being scheduled correctly in Auditor, which should be fixed now. 

Rapid Permit To Work

  • We fixed a few timestamp issues related to Work Order completion records and notifications. 
  • Permit To Work validity can be extended once again. 

We’re always listening

We work closely with our clients to develop new features and ensure our products are up to date to support your business now and into the future. 

To find out more about Rapid’s modular workforce management system speak to our experts today and request a free demonstration

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