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Rapid Contractor: Buy the credits you need without a subscription

Our new credit system is now available in the Rapid Contractor module under the Pricing & Subscription page for you to use today. You can purchase credits to action helpful features such as running a credit check, checking a document, issuing courses to workers, and many more without needing a subscription.

Purchasing credits is perfect for users that want to use all the product features without committing to a regular subscription. You can purchase as many credits as required at the low cost of $1 per credit. Alternatively, you can sign up for our premium subscription and automatically receive 30 credits to use each month to unlock a host of additional features.

How do I use my credits?

  • Check the status of your documents such as passports , and driver’s licences.
  • Issue a wide range of courses to your workers.
  • Run important credit check reports.
  • Utilise useful SWMS templates.

Why should I subscribe?

  • 30 credits included in the plan each month
  • View, share and open your important documents
  • Additional verification of insurances for subcontractors
  • View and download all time periods for client visits
  • Access historical report data for Rapid GO
  • Link Work Orders to client portals

How do I purchase credits?

Credits can be purchased from either the Pricing & Subscription page or when actioning a request that requires credits.

We’re always listening

At Rapid, we work closely with our clients to develop new features and ensure our products support your business now and into the future.

If you need help activating your Rapid Contractor account contact our Client Services team.

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