Visitor Check-In Integrations

Integrations that will transform your site check-in processes

As a modern business, getting your employees, contractors, and site visitors through your doors as seamlessly as possible is a top priority. If you have a visitor management system in place, you will be familiar with the efficiencies that are enabled by this software.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few essential software integrations that will help you to streamline your check-in and give your business the vital information it needs to improve efficiency.

What is a software integration?

Software integration is the practice of connecting and unifying different software applications.

You might have several different programs and software tools that are a core part of your daily processes. Software integrations enable you to link these systems and software applications, providing a number of benefits for your business including:

  • Simplified decision making
  • Improved data accessibility, accuracy, and coordination
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved cost efficiencies
  • Scalability
  • Improved data security

Demystifying third-party and native applications

For non-IT people, software can sometimes be intimidating but we’ll explain a few key technology terms that will help to explain how software applications communicate with each other.

Third-party integrations

A third-party integration is a connection between two or more software applications that allows the software programs to share or exchange data with another.

The application programming interface (API) allows the software applications to communicate with each other.

Rapid uses a Restful API which allows you to seamlessly integrate 3rd party systems with your Rapid Global system. For example, Rapid’s API can be used to integrate Work Order, Asset Management and HR software.

Native integrations

The alternative to an API or third-party integration is a native integration. In the simplest terms, an application is native to the platform it resides on. Ultimately, native applications are easier, less expensive, and faster to implement.

Tip: When choosing a visitor management system for your business, choose a software company that is committed to developing native software integrations.

Rapid’s native product integrations to transform your visitor check-in processes

Rapid Access visitor management software is a powerful tool on its own and is even better when integrated with Rapid’s suite of solutions. All Rapid software solutions are customisable for any industry and businesses of any size.

Site access hardware

Rapid Access can integrate with hardware such as boom gates, kiosks, turnstiles, QR code scanners and swipe card entry systems. Your site security can be enhanced further when Rapid Access is used with Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management the system will prevent anyone that is not fully inducted and compliant from entering your site.

Alcohol breath tester units

Integrated alcohol breath testing units from Alcolizer can identify when people are not compliant with your company’s alcohol policies. This means that they are unable to check-in to your site unless they are alcohol-free. This integration includes the ability to assign specific personnel to complete mandatory tests or randomly depending on their job role. You can also automatically send non-compliant reports to management when positive results are detected.

Electronic key management systems

Integrating Rapid Access with an automated key control system like Torus will allow you greater control over who has access to your sites, as well as your assets. You can boost your compliance and security even further by making use of Rapid Contractor Management and Rapid Induct, to ensure that only fully inducted, compliant contractors have access to your site.

Facial recognition technology

Enhance your Rapid Access visitor management system with facial recognition technology from Nirovision. Facial recognition is rapidly gaining popularity for providing a much more effective and reliable process for tracking visitors and improving security. The automatic system of capturing facial identification offers an additional layer of protection to the entire site’s security system.

Integrate your visitor management system with Rapid

It’s easier than ever to streamline, secure and automate your check-in processes with Rapid Access. If you are interested in learning how integrations can enhance your Rapid Access visitor management system, request a free demonstration.

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