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New Rapid B2B job posting service

Rapid B2B Job Posting is a revolutionary new service designed to connect businesses through commercial opportunities to win and post new jobs.

With an expanding database of 70,000 contractor companies, Rapid B2B offers a comprehensive service to facilitate job creation, shortlisting, and connection with companies.

Job posting is free and available to all users on Rapid B2B. The service enables businesses to target their post to a broad or specific group of subcontractors based on variables including the type of work, location, required qualifications, budget, supplier risk and size of business amongst many other factors.

Upon creation of a job, businesses meeting the set criteria will be notified and can register their interest to the job poster. Whether a sole operator or a large company offering contracting services, Rapid B2B offers a streamlined way to connect, find resources and generate new work.

Rapid B2B Premium subscribers receive early access to register job interest, giving them a competitive advantage to win work quickly. Premium users can also centrally upload their documentation for multiple clients. For the hiring business, documents can be verified automatically to quickly ensure chosen subcontractors are meeting all compliance needs, as well as manage any inductions required.

Upon receiving interest in the job, the hiring business will have the opportunity to shortlist desired businesses and engage with them through Rapid B2B.

Job posting is capped at 10 businesses registering interest and closes after the shortlisting of 3 interested businesses by the job poster or after two weeks.

The B2B Job Posting Service is the solution to search for credentialed subcontractors to work with or for your company.

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