Streamline operations with Rapid Global and Gallagher security integration

We are excited to announce our recent integration with Gallagher Command Centre that manages access to worksites.

Gallagher is a leading supplier of integrated access control and security systems, with a similar mission as Rapid, which is to empower businesses to streamline their workforce risk, safety, and compliance management processes.

How does the Rapid & Gallagher integration work?

Gallagher end users can use Rapid to streamline safety inductions, onboarding and compliance training processes, document and insurance verifications and then create set criteria required before access is given to a specific area of a site.

This access criteria uses the competencies feature within Gallagher Command Centre, and sets up the frame work for automating the process of granting and denying physical access to site based on a person’s compliance status within Rapid.

Once these competency requirements have been met in Rapid, Command Centre will then create a profile for the user so they can be given a credential or permissions updated on their existing profile and have access to areas that are controlled by the Gallagher Command Centre system – whether it be a specific door to a room, a group of doors or gate on site.

Integration benefits

This integration will reduce the time spent by businesses using Gallagher to manually administer visitor/employee permissions in Command Centre.

The integration allows Rapid and Gallagher users to:

  • Automate the process of creating new cardholders in Command Centre to reduce double handling of administrative tasks.
  • Update records in near real-time to ensure cardholders’ access to site is granted or revoked based on events that occur in Rapid.
  • Update cardholder personal information held in Rapid automatically in Gallagher Command Centre.
  • Ensure only inducted and compliant personnel can access site and or secured areas based on their compliance status within Rapid.
  • Link personnel types in Rapid to different Access Groups in Gallagher Command Centre to provide flexibility and enhanced control over cardholder access.

With credential data from Rapid being sent to Gallagher Command Centre, this reduces risk, improves compliance and site security, and allows your busy worksite to continue to operate efficiently knowing that policies and processes are being followed correctly.

Want to find out more about the Rapid and Gallagher integration?

It’s easier than ever to streamline, secure and automate your access control and compliance management with Rapid & Gallagher. If you are interested in learning how this integration can enhance your workflow, request a free demonstration.

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