Rapid Induct - induction and training online system

Cloud-based safety induction and compliance training software

Streamline your safety induction, onboarding and compliance training processes with a single cloud-based software solution.

One Modular Solution

One modular solution

A fully integrated, modular software solution that can be intelligently adapted to suit the unique needs of your business or industy.

Real-time 24/7 Dashboard

Real-time 24/7 dashboard

Enjoy the assurance of knowing the compliance status of every employee or contractor through live dashboards and reports, on your desktop or mobile device.

Great onboarding experience | Rapid Induct

Great onboarding experience

Empower new inductees and existing workforce to meet and maintain their compliance obligations with a seamless onboarding and training experience.

Manual induction processes are inefficient. Rapid Induct streamlines onboarding for your contractors and employees

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Custom course content

Create custom course content

Fully customise your courses & assessments to your brand. Easily assign training to employees and contractors based on their job role, location or site. You can even create custom, professional-looking certificates in minutes.

Hassle free experiences

Enjoy hassle-free experiences

Empower your inductees to meet and maintain their compliance obligations with a user-friendly online training portal and library of support content. They can even complete inductions on the go with the Rapid Induct Premium App.

Integrate tools & speed up workflows

Integrate tools & speed up workflows

Rapid’s modular software solutions are designed to work seamlessly together to automate and streamline your workplace safety processes. From contractor management, to site access control to work permits work in harmony.

Access compliance data

Access compliance data in a click

No more trawling through spreadsheets and managing complicated systems. Collect, verify, and automatically track expiry dates of assessments, certificates, and licences from a central dashboard – at anywhere and at any time.

We get it – manual inductions and paper-based training processes are inefficient and frustrating

Which is why we are proud to be helping 1000+ organisations in Australia and globally run their business smoother with simplified safety induction and training processes.

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A new way to induct and train workforce in 3 easy steps


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Does your operations and WHS team face these challenges with onboarding processes?

Manual induction processes? Frustrating follow-ups? Heaps of paperwork? Limited time? Not only are these processes time consuming, they could expose your business to compliance risks. Let Rapid Induct help you. Your operations & WHS teams deserve a better digital solution to streamline all your induction processes. Give them the power to manage induction processes on any device, from anywhere using a centralised dashboard to create, assign and verify training and certifications.

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Frequently asked questions about Rapid Induct

Yes. When your organisation implements Rapid Induct your system will be handled by a dedicated Project Co-ordinator. This individual will provide your team with training on how to use the system.

Yes, our system can integrate with almost any third-party platform via a RESTful API. This has proven to be highly beneficial in streamlining processes and maximising efficiency.

No, there is no limit to how many courses your inductees can complete. There is also no limit of the amount of courses that can be created in a Rapid Induct system.

No, there’s no limit on how many administrators you add to the system.

Yes, we have a library of course content build by our experts that can help you customise your courses to your industry and business needs.

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“Rapid Induct ensures that all our workers are inducted before they arrive on-site. Contractors and employees can upload and maintain their compliance documentation, which not only saves us a lot time but has also increased efficiency and productity.”

— Noel O’Connell, Senior HSEQ Advisor, Quadric

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Gain efficiency through our Rapid apps

Rapid Global Admin Tools You can use the app to search for a person, spot-check audit a worker, see induction and training status, upload licences live in the field, verify or reject documents on the spot, take an ID photo, store documents and more. Rapid Induct Premium Using this app, inductees can view and update documents, access their ID card and QR code, complete inductions and more.

Rapid Admin app

Ready for a new approach?

If you’re ready for a new way to manage your training and induction processes that saves you time, and empowers your inductees to meet and maintain their compliance obligations.