“Rapid is a great way to show how Leedwell are trying to minimise risk – we have become much more efficient in contractor management since implementing Rapid Induct.”

– Simon Hayes, Property Manager & Facilities Coordinator, Leedwell Asset Management

Leedwell Asset Management is a South Australian based company focussed on delivering a variety of tailored property services in retail, industrial and commercial sectors. They have a proven track record of supplying their clients with significant property developments, strategic consulting projects and excellent commercial outcomes.


With Leedwell’s key focus on mitigating risk and ensuring all people are compliant on site, the company needed a way to efficiently manage their contractors. They were concerned about the potential liability of sending a contractor to an unmanned site or to complete high-risk work that they may not be prepared to undertake. These risks not only affected Leedwell themselves, but also the landlords they were representing. Such levels of risk to the company and stakeholders were deemed unacceptable to Leedwell management, prompting them to seek out alternative contractor management solutions.


The solutions implemented were Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management. These products are providing Leedwell with an easy platform to see which contractors are compliant to their standards and ready to complete jobs safely. When a contracting company needs to undertake work at a Leedwell site, they are sent an online registration link, where they upload their insurance documents and complete a pre-qualification questionnaire. Once these have been reviewed by Leedwell and verified, the main administrator for that contracting company is able to issue passwords to all other personnel who need to work on the Leedwell site under that company name. The induction links are sent automatically via email, and the inductees then complete their induction whenever they like online.

The contractor management system is easy to use and navigate around, meaning that contractor documents, compliance, and inductions can all be viewed by Leedwell personnel with ease from any location. This increased transparency means risk has been considerably reduced, as everyone on the Leedwell team can easily view all the same information online to make sure everyone is compliant before working.

“Rapid Global provides a solid foundation for reducing risk associated with contractor management which is very important, especially for facilities managers… we will not send a contractor to site if they are not compliant on Rapid Induct with us.”


Since the implementation of Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management, there have been definite time-savings. Leedwell have found the automatic reminders that are sent out via email when a document is due to expire to be extremely helpful, as it is much quicker and easier than having to manually check each document. On top of this, it prevents any documents from accidentally being missed, and thus contractors going on site while not compliant.

Looking to the future, the plan for Leedwell is to continue growing within their own company while also increasing their involvement with companies such as Rapid Global that will aid their development. The positive impact that Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management have already had in the company have resulted in management investigating how the other Rapid products can be integrated. Rapid Access Systems will be trialled soon, which Leedwell are looking forward to.

“Leedwell is still quite a young company and we are continuing to develop and grow. With this growth, strong systems such as what Rapid Global helps us provide are required.”