The University of Queensland is one of the top 100 universities in the world. With 3 major campuses and a few additional smaller ones located across the state, this university is a bustling hub for over 50,000 students, including many advanced researchers.


With multiple large campuses and approximately 30 contractors entering site every day, the university needed a system which would enable them to know exactly who was on site and when. The university values site security, so they also wanted to be able to ensure only fully qualified and compliant contractors were accessing work sites.

“We wanted to know who was on the campus at any one time. We also wanted a central repository for all the Safe Work Method Statements, licenses and other documents.”

– Glenn Vickery,
Maintenance Manager

The old system was a sign-in process using a paper book located in a central office, so people needed to report to a reception desk prior to entering on site and have all their documents checked to ensure they were compliant. This process, combined with growth in the company, led to the realisation that there was a need for a centralised system which was able to efficiently check anyone trying to get on site and prevent non-compliant contractors from gaining access.


Rapid Access, Rapid Induct, Rapid Contractor Management and KeyWatcher combined to create a streamlined online system solution for the University of Queensland. Now, instead of needing to waste time sifting through each contractor’s documents when they arrive on site to ensure they actually have permission to be there, the KeyWatcher system does all the checking! It communicates with Rapid Induct, Rapid Contractor Management, and Rapid Visitor Access to ensure that only fully qualified and compliant contractors come on site.

“The process for contractors going on site is now automated; we don’t have to have somebody sitting at a desk to give them a key. Through the KeyWatcher, we control the keys for maintenance contractors. If they don’t have access to that area they don’t get in – end of story! It gives us peace of mind.”

When a contractor arrives on site, they use the visitor access system to sign in. This checks their online status (that correct documentation has been supplied, etc.) and compliance, then connects with the KeyWatcher cabinet to determine if there is a key / job there for the contractor to do. If the contractor is fully compliant and able to go on site, then the Rapid Access terminal sends an 8-digit code to the contractor’s phone, which can then be entered into the KeyWatcher cabinet to gain access to the key for the site. The visitor management system is made even more secure by the fact that the code is only valid for a short time before it expires and becomes void. This further enhances site security and gives peace of mind to management!


Implementing Rapid Global’s systems has given management at the University of Queensland the assurance that only the right contractors are getting access to site at the right time. It also prevents legal disputes that can arise from a lack of valid documentation in the event of an injury or incident.

“The beauty of Rapid Global’s systems is that if there is an incident on site and something happens we can go straight to the insurance company and give them the contractor’s insurance policy. We don’t have to go back to the contractor and potentially find out their document has lapsed and that we are therefore going to be held liable for the problem!”

Currently the KeyWatcher system and two Rapid Access terminals are located at two of university’s sites, but they are looking at the prospect of introducing the solutions to their other sites as well. They are also hoping to use KeyWatcher for all their staff members so they can have full knowledge of who is on site and when at all times.