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Visitor Management System

More than replacing your visitor sign in book.

Revolutionise the way you welcome visitors and contractors to your site or building. Rapid Visitor Access is available as a touch-screen or tablet solution providing point of entry electronic sign in for all your visitors.

Visitor Access Coke

Greet your visitors and contractors with a sign in process that is state of the art. Suitable for both manned and unmanned stations, visitor management systems provide point of entry sign in and record of attendance. Safety site induction information and site maps are displayed to each visitor. Visitors then select the person they wish to see from an automated list, with all visits and visitors logged electronically. Combine with Rapid Contractor Management for a full contractor on site arrival system!

Visitor Access Grinders
  • Visitor arrives

  • Enters Name

  • System searches to see if the visitor has attended recently

  • If first time visitor - details completed and photo taken

  • Complete safety induction

  • Select person (host) to visit

  • Print label

  • Sign out on exit

Main Benefits

First impressions are everything! Rapid Visitor Access allows your company to put its best foot forward from the moment your visitor walks in the door whilst providing the benefits of:
  • Immediate access to reliable records of site attendance

  • Being flexible for all environments

  • Improving site safety and security with visitor access control

  • Providing confidence in your visitor management with auditable records

  • Economical and environmentally friendly solution

  • Privacy of other visitor information compared to paper visitor book

Arrive. Touch. Notify. Print.

Rapid Visitor Access Features:

  • Visitor and contractor sign in and sign out

  • Auto SMS and email notification of visitor arrival

  • Includes safety induction and site maps

  • Instant evacuation list printing and online view

  • Touch screen, Ipad and tablet options

  • Printed labels or ID cards

  • Photo ID of visitor

  • Web based system

  • Collect visitor contact information

  • Customised fully branded to your business

  • Option to manage and track contractor hours

  • Includes ability for visitor to report any incidents

  • Able to integrate with alcohol testing units

  • Option to integrate with key access units such as Key Watcher

  • Set up and implementation included.

Rapid Visitor Access ensures you present your best to every visitor on arrival and is simply the easiest and most affordable visitor management system.
The Rapid Visitor Access Difference.

Rapid Visitor Access utilises our award winning Rapid Induct technology, enabling you to edit your visitor induction course as needed! Need to categorise your visitors and present each type with a different short induction? No problem! Our visitor management software is flexible and can be set up to manage all types of visitors including contractors and employees from other sites.

Feel confident in every situation with a visitor management system!

Visitor Access Systems Worker

Find the solution that best fits your needs

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