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May 2024 product updates

May’s update brings you logs to help manage trainee requirement changes, improvements to incident and audit reporting, API enhancements and more!

Trainee Requirements logs

Any adjustment made to Trainee Requirements now creates a log that includes information regarding what changed, a timestamp and the user responsible for it. This provides a clear audit trail that helps keep track of compliance adjustments and provides transparency.

Look for the log icon to access and review the most recent changes.

New user tiles for Auditor and Incident Reporting

Users that are not Administrators but need to manage audits, follow up tasks, and complete actions in Rapid Auditor, or lodge incidents and complete actions in Rapid Incident Reporting, can login directly via new Worker tiles. 

Better management of Driver’s Licences

Two files can be uploaded for a Driver’s Licence document requirement, to accommodate for front and back images, ensuring that all necessary compliance information is captured accurately and securely.

API updates: Salto Access Control data synced to Rapid Access

When someone checks in or out using Salto Access Control solutions, these details can now be synced to Rapid Access for a complete record of entry and exit times.

Improved language selector

We’ve improved the language selector across our apps, so users can seamlessly switch between the 10+ languages available with just a handy, single click.

Fixes and improvements

We continuously review and improve our applications, to ensure you get the best experience. Find below May’s noteworthy fixes. 

One of the most important Contractor Management features is expediting contractor registration, allowing them to start work promptly. This period, we addressed several issues related to this process, including 404 errors when updating expired forms via the Portal, duplicated document requests, and intermittent report errors. 

Our product supports the upload and verification of various licenses, including driver’s licenses, through our mobile, web, and kiosk applications. This month, we resolved issues that included: requiring a license number to verify a driver’s license despite it being provided, missing fields when uploading driver’s licenses on behalf of trainees, and the presence of deactivated admins in the Inductee Document Status report. 

Managing the lifecycle of Audits is crucial to stay on top of compliance requirements, identify areas for improvement, and ensure continuous operational efficiency. To aid with this, we fixed a few issues with sub-audit closure, missing sub-audits and errors that occurred when trying to complete certain audits. 

We’re always listening

We work closely with our clients to develop new features and ensure our products are up to date to support your business now and into the future.

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