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New Australian work health and safety strategy – How does Rapid Global fit?

Safe Work Australia has recently announced their new 10-year national strategy to reduce workplace fatalities, injuries, and illnesses in Australia.

The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2023-2033 sets a national vision of safe and healthy work for all and provides a platform for delivering key work health and safety (WHS) improvements.

“The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2023–2033 sets a national framework for improving work health and safety over the next 10 years.” Says Safe Work Australia Chair, Joanne Farrell.

The Strategy was developed under Safe Work Australia’s tripartite governance processes and has been agreed by the Commonwealth, state and territory governments. It represents a national commitment to work together to reduce worker fatalities, injuries and illnesses over the next decade.

It outlines targets to measure progress over the next 10 years, including a reduction in worker fatalities caused by traumatic injuries by 30%.

A large focus for this strategy is better managing the psychosocial hazards in the workplace. Managing mental health and psychosocial hazards more effectively has become a recent focus in the industry, with Australia’s first specific Code of Practice focusing on psychosocial hazards released in 2021 by SafeWork NSW.

The model work health and safety (WHS) laws now include regulations on psychosocial hazards. A new model Code of Practice on Managing psychosocial hazards at work explains the laws and how to comply with them, including practical steps to manage workplace risks to psychological health.  

Safe Work Australia will be implementing actions into their plan to provide businesses, with additional resources and training to raise awareness and compliance. 

How Rapid Global Fits Within This Strategy

At Rapid Global, we have spent more than 20 years delivering technology products that allow businesses to better manage workforce risk, safety and compliance processes. Today, our products are in use in over 1000+ organisations, including more than 200+ blue chip companies, who are looking to optimise their workforce compliance processes.

Our fully integrated and modular workforce management software supports a culture of safety and compliance in companies across Australia, the USA and the UK.

Using Rapid’s platform to induct employees, contractors and visitors provides a truly simple, accessible way to manage and comply with regulations. We are as passionate as you are about keeping people at work safe.

Enabling Businesses to Meet Their Targets

The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2023-2033 outlines the key enablers that will help meet the targets set. Here’s how Rapid can play a part.

1. Embed good WHS practice in all work, across all industries, cohorts, and hazards

Good, clear, and effective inductions and compliance management all comes down to great communication and systems. That’s why Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management are our most popular systems for large scale, multi-location organisations that need to manage large workforces.

2. Innovate and deepen knowledge of WHS to broaden understanding

With great inductions and systems in place for risk management, auditing, and incident reporting, you create a culture that shows you’re invested and proactive in creating a safe environment. This also ensures training is a top priority and that you want to make the process streamlined and easier for your employees and contractors to meet their own obligations to contribute to a safer work environment.

Learn more about Rapid Risk, Rapid Auditor, and Rapid Incident Reporting, on our website or book a demo to discuss with our team on how these solutions could assist you.

3. Collaborate collectively and cooperatively to respond to WHS challenges

By having a system with centralised, real-time data on your workforce health and safety management performance, you’re able to confidently gather accurate data, review statistics, and identify gaps and areas for improvement.

What do our clients say?

Rapid Client - SCT Logistics
Rapid Client – SCT Logistics

The Rapid Global reporting within the Rapid Incident and Rapid Induct Systems is used during Senior Management Review meetings to assist the executive team to identify, assess, evaluate and set goals to achieve on-going improvement and promote a positive safety culture.
 – Chris Curran, National Manager: Accreditation, Compliance and Safety, SCT Logistics.

“It turns you from reactive to proactive in your training and refreshers. We are really starting to become proactive. Obviously if you can plan training ahead of expiries, you have a much higher chance of putting through courses, which results in potential cost savings and greater efficiency.”
– Greg Baud, Assets and Maintenance Manager, South Gippsland Water.

Rapid Client - South Gippsland Water
Rapid Client – South Gippsland Water

Are You On Track for 2033?

Book a demo to learn how your business can benefit from Rapid’s innovative workforce management software to help meet these targets for a Safer Workplace for all.

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