Rapid Global and VendorPanel integration

Requesting quotes or proposals and finding the right contractor can be a tricky and time-consuming process.

For this reason, we’ve developed a strategic partnership with VendorPanel to help make this process much easier!

The integration between Rapid Contractor Management and VendorPanel is an exciting new advance in technology which will give buyers, particularly those in a decentralised procurement environment, the ability to find and engage suppliers with full visibility of their Rapid Global compliance status. Current status information is available throughout the process – from invitation to quote to supplier selection.

Integration Benefits

The core functionality behind this integration provides buyers and procurement managers with the ability to easily view the compliance status of suppliers during the procurement process. It helps ensure that you are only getting quotes and proposals from suppliers that have the right compliance status.

A ‘traffic light’ icon next to each contractor company’s name allows you to quickly determine what their compliance status is, helping streamline your procurement process and support better decision-making at buyer level. Status information is also displayed in each supplier’s profile, where users can drill down for additional details, including the reasons for that status.

No more working with outdated information or having to check multiple systems. Now, every buyer can see the compliance data they need in one place!

About VendorPanel

VendorPanel is a multi-award-winning cloud procurement platform.  It is used by hundreds of organisations across government, utilities, mining, construction, infrastructure and corporates.  

VendorPanel simplifies sourcing from your preferred suppliers & prequalified suppliers, allows you to run go-to-market sourcing processes, and even helps with social procurement and local supplier engagement.

If your staff need to get quotes and proposals from your suppliers, and it matters that they are compliant, then we encourage you to have a look at VendorPanel.

Chat with our team today to find out more about this integration or to request a demo!

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