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Integrate Rapid Access + Torus for enhanced site security

An electronic key management system provides a central control system for dispensing keys to your employees and contractor workforce. With electronic key management, user access to individual keys can be pre-defined and clearly managed via a ‘master control terminal’. All key removals and returns are automatically documented and can be retrieved easily.

This provides greater access control of your sites, specific high-risk areas on your sites, as well as your assets such as vehicles and machinery.

What are the benefits of an electronic key management system

If you want to efficiently manage keys to secure the data and valuable assets in your organisation, as well as improve productivity, you might want to read on and see how an electronic key management system can benefit your business.

These benefits include:

  • Enhanced site security, safety, and accountability
  • Improved control of assets such as vehicles and machinery
  • Improved emergency response
  • Streamlined and automated key management processes
  • Reduced risk of human error with admin/user permissions
  • Remote management of your keys from anywhere, available 24/7
  • Improved reporting for regulatory compliance and audits
  • Alerts & notifications if the key is not returned by a certain time/date

With all these benefits, it makes sense for businesses of all sizes to implement an electronic key management system.

Why choose Torus?

Australian made and designed, Torus has been providing smart key management solutions to the Australian Government and Defence since 2001 and is a trusted solution for global organisations operating in a range of different industry sectors including healthcare, transport & fleet management, mining, facilities management, hospitality, education, and utilities.

With Torus you have access to an efficient and reliable way to manage all elements of your access systems including:

  • keys
  • access tags
  • duress cards

Torus is a complete IoT solution for key management. Torus is built using the Microsoft Azure technology stack with embedded Linux device firmware. Torus cabinets can be managed from any computer over secure internet, with no software installation required.

You’ll have real-time visibility of all key movements and their status – in and out of the cabinet. If a key is overdue the system will send you an alert.

How does the Rapid Access + Torus integration work?

Upon arrival, your employees and contractors check into the Rapid Access Terminal where they complete the screening questions.

When integrated with Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management, contractors and suppliers arriving on site are cross-checked in the Rapid system. Anyone that does not meet the compliance requirements (such as completing site induction training, certifications and licences, insurance documentation or a permit to work) will be denied access to your site.

If they are compliant, they will be asked if they require a key from the Torus key cabinet. The visitor’s information is sent to Torus and upon verification, the visitor is sent a User ID and PIN via SMS or email to access the key cabinet.

Your administrators can manage key access remotely and ensure all keys are returned before checkout which makes the Rapid Access + Torus integration ideal for organisations with multiple locations.

What are the benefits of Rapid Access + Torus integration for my business?

When you combine Rapid Access with Torus you open the door to whole new world of benefits for your business.

• Tighter security and regulatory compliance
The Rapid Access + Torus integration will streamline your compliance from the moment your employees and contractors arrive on your site because you can now prevent unauthorised personnel from gaining access. When integrated with Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management, only compliant, inducted personnel are granted access.

• Increased accountability
Torus helps to eliminate the guesswork out of who checked out a key and if they returned it. This helps to mitigate the risks and the cost of replacing keys that have been misplaced or taken off-site. Using the Torus dashboard, your administrators can easily report the time and the date a key was returned. When a key is not returned on-time the system will instantly send a notification.

• Tailored configuration
The Rapid Access + Torus integration can be configured to suit the needs of your site. Your administrators can provide remote access requests to fast-track the check-in processes once your contractor arrives on to your site.

• Remote key management
Torus enables remote management of each key cabinet from anywhere at any time and is perfect for organisations with multiple facilities both nationally and internationally.

There’s also a whole heap of additional features, for example when you use Rapid Access + Torus with Alcolizer’s breath testing units for greater security of your facilities, vehicles, and machinery.

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