“I’ve recommended Rapid Global to quite a few companies… If they are looking for an end-to-end risk management system that is cost effective and going to do what they want it to do, this is the one for them.”
– Maria Hooker, National WHS&E Manager

In April of 2017, Allied Mills was sold and rebranded as Allied Pinnacle. The company adopted multiple additional bakeries, warehouses and also a fondant making factory, meaning they now have 24 sites as opposed to 16. Allied Pinnacle now have over 600 staff and more than 800 contracting companies. Their overarching business goal is to produce quality bakery products and supplies and to be the number 1 food service supplier.


Having been sold by another large food manufacturing company back in 2003, Allied Pinnacle needed to set up a system in which people could report and manage incidents with ease and efficiency. Using their existing system, notifications were not given to management when incidents arose. Similarly, a method was required for allowing anyone within the business to report hazards.

“Using our old system, we were never notified about incidents. This database [Rapid Incident Reporting] forces people to complete the investigations within a required timeframe and they get notified about incidents occurring as well, which has been great.”

As the business continued to steadily grow, Allied Pinnacle realised they required a streamlined and cost-effective way to induct and manage all personnel on site. Furthermore, it was important that all people entering the site were recorded and knew the critical site information, such as evacuation procedures. As paper methods were outdated, impractical, costly and time consuming, Allied Pinnacle needed an online workplace management system for storing all data at a central location.

“Originally, we looked at the cost of producing an induction booklet including printing, binding, distributing and signing off etc. Then we looked at it in comparison with Rapid Induct and saw there was a massive cost difference between the two. We chose to use your systems and have saved an astronomical amount of money as a result.”

Furthermore, as a food manufacturer, quality and food safety is of the utmost importance to Allied Pinnacle. As a result, they have been able to use this system to not only manage Workplace Health and Safety information and records, but also quality and food safety documentation.

“When we have any quality and food safety audits, the auditors usually say ‘show us any training records you’ve got’ and we are able to show them our system. They have been greatly impressed.”


When Allied Pinnacle first approached Rapid Global, we worked with them to develop an incident report format which was suited to their unique needs. This resulted in the creation of Rapid Incident Reporting. Now management can be assured that notifications will be received whenever an incident is reported, and that correct investigations and follow-up will occur. In addition to this, Rapid Risk Management is the solution to Allied Pinnacle’s need to improve risk reporting and manage hazards. From here, the company looked into the other Rapid Products and continued to increase their overall company efficiency by adding more of our system solutions.

Rapid Induct was implemented to ensure all personnel are correctly inducted and aware of site procedures. A full record of inductees can be obtained by management with the click of a button, clearly displaying who is inducted and who is not. Furthermore, the product integrates with Rapid Contractor Management, which acts as the online central storage location for information and documentation relating to contracting companies.

Rapid Service Alert was also implemented in response to Allied Pinnacle’s requirement for scheduling and managing inspections, testing and monitoring records, as well as scheduling of safety and environmental audits. Using the system, they can schedule inspections, conduct their audits thoroughly and have all the records of these stored in a central, online location.


The Rapid products have assisted Allied Pinnacle in multiple areas. The workers are inducted using Rapid Induct, and the details of their company are stored using Rapid Contractor Management. Having the online records available and easy to access means they can prove that all personnel have been correctly inducted to the company and are compliant with both the law and the company’s standards.

“We’ve had a few incidents occur (like liability claims) where workers have said they haven’t been trained or didn’t know how to do their job after an incident occurs. We’ve been able to pull out their records and prove that they have been trained. In this way we have been protected a number of times from legal issues by using the Rapid systems.”

After implementation of Rapid Access, every person entering an Allied Pinnacle site is now required to sign in using the Rapid terminals, which are located in almost all of their sites. Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management integrate with the information at the terminals to ensure only fully inducted and compliant people get on site if they are working, or that visitors understand vital information through a specific induction.

Rapid Service Alert enables Allied Pinnacle to schedule and complete inspections and conduct quality audits on their products. Furthermore, incidents and hazards are reported, investigated or accessed, followed up and closed in a timely manner using Rapid Incident Reporting and Rapid Hazard Management.

All these products are integrated together to ensure that Allied Pinnacle is able to spend less time and money on administration and much more on providing the best quality and safe products to their customers and clients as well as ensuring everyone is working safely!

“I think we’d be lost without [Rapid Induct] now. Everyone who sees it says ‘that’s a great system!’”