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6 tips to streamline your visitor management process

When it comes to a large worksite and office with high traffic of visitors, contractors and employees, having a streamlined approach to managing those on site and their access is essential, especially when considering compliance in relation to safety and risk management.

We’ve put together 6 tips on how you can streamline your visitor management process and make it easier for everyone.

1.    Digitise your visitor management system

Digital visitor management systems like Rapid Access are a safer way to handle sensitive visitor data privacy and security.  With Rapid Access you can: 

  • Store and encrypt data in the cloud and set permissions so that only authorised personnel have access to the data.
  • Provide a contactless check-in system to facilitate a faster way to check in for your visitors.
  • Quickly and discreetly monitor visitors that need special attention, or that have been denied access to your site for non-compliance.

With Rapid Access, not only is your check in process digital, it becomes mobile friendly so that visitors can use their own personal devices to check in to the site.

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2.   Utilise license plate and facial recognition technology

By utilising a licence plate and facial recognition check process, the need for manned gatehouses and/or intercom to reception, swipe cards or pin codes upon entry is removed. By automating access, it saves time and can avoid congestion and improve efficiencies.

For license plate recognition, this allows organisations to prevent access to vehicles that are missing a roadworthiness certificate, insurances or those not authorised to access certain areas of the worksite. This can help prevent incidents caused by vehicles that are not up to safety standards to work in restricted areas.

You can find out more about this kind of technology and how Rapid fits in our recent blog about our partnership with Nirovision and our integrated solution AI Checkpoints.

3.   Customise check-in screening questions

During the height of the pandemic, it was an essential part of visitor management to ensure that the visitor acknowledged procedure in terms of reporting if showing symptoms or being a close contact with a COVID-19 case.

While that’s the most obvious case study of recent history, there are plenty of opportunities to use check in screening customisations to inform visitors and collect data prior to entry. This could be asking for borrowed key numbers, capture driver’s license numbers, legal residential address requirements or any questions your organisation needs.

4.   Pre-nominate a staff member to be notified upon arrival

Who is a contact or responsible for a contractor on site can sometimes not be clear to the contractor or change internally at last minute. By pre-assigning a staff member to be notified of the arrival of a visitor or contractor, you can not only ensure an excellent service experience, but also improve efficiencies and reduce the workload of front reception staff needing to identify the point of contact.

5.   Automate background and compliance checks

By digitising your check in process for visitors using Rapid Access, the opportunity to also cross check other Rapid modules that you use for background and compliance checks is opened, making it an automatic and seamless process.

If a visitor is not up to date with their inductions or certifications, you can use Rapid Contractor Management or Rapid Induct to give the visitor an opportunity to update their details and documentation, or even in some cases, complete an induction on their mobile device before being granted access to a site.

6.   Have a communications plan for emergency evacuations

Especially at a large site, emergency evacuations and ensuring everyone is accounted for can be difficult and stressful. Rapid Access offers the ability for administrators to send automatic evacuation messages to personnel on site & get ‘safe’ messages when they reach the muster point. Once attendees have replied they are safe, their status is updated and those who have not texted back will show as pending. This will give you clarity for who is accounted for.

Streamline your visitor management process with Rapid

It’s easier than ever to streamline and automate your visitor and contractor management with Rapid Access. If you are interested in learning more, request a free demonstration.

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