Greater control over site access with new onUgo & Rapid integration

When it comes to sites that are operating with large numbers of site visitors or 24/7 operations, the costs of managing access cards, as well as ensuring only temporary access to site can be difficult to control and prone to human error.

Our most recent integration, with technology company onUgo, seeks to help clients with these issues by allowing Rapid to integrate with access control systems such as Protege GX, Gallagher, SiPass and more.

How does it work?

This integration automates the management of site access by ensuring only compliant personnel in Rapid will get access to the site or restricted areas within that site.

Access to site is only ever given for the duration of their time onsite ensuring that people don’t have 24/7 access to sites as well.

When a user (visitor, employee or contractor) signs into Rapid Access, Rapid will automatically send that user’s details to onUGo which will then create a temporary profile for the user in the Access Control System.

The user will then be able to use a digital credential from their mobile phone to gain physical access to site.

When the user signs out of Rapid, notification is sent to onUgo and the person’s digital credential is revoked, preventing physical access to site unless they sign in via Rapid again.

What are the benefits?

  • Automate the management of granting/revoking access to visitors.
  • Access to site is only ever given for the duration of their time onsite.
  • Access to site can be managed via the person’s mobile phone.
  • Eliminate the need to purchase cards or fobs and replace them in the event they get lost.
  • Automate compliance checks.

Want to find out more?

Contact our product specialists to find out more and have a personalised demo on how Rapid’s integration with onUgo can benefit your business and streamline your site access control workflow.

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