“Compliance has increased by at least 40%”

–Tracey Hall: Site Buyer/Administrator at Bega

Bega are an Australian company who create dairy products for sale across the country. They have 9 sites, 1 of which is the main topic of this case study: Port Melbourne. At this site, they have 380 staff, 250 individual contractors, as well as visitors and drivers arriving daily.

Bega’s Training and Compliance Challenge

Reflecting on their existing practices some time ago, one of the key things Bega wanted to achieve was to make sure the onus was on contracting companies to ensure they are compliant and inducted before coming to site. They were seeking a self-management system that would make it clear to contractors what was required of them to work at Bega. Importantly, contractor compliance management was a key point of concern that needed to be improved. This was crucial not only for the contractors themselves, but also for Bega as a company, so that they could maintain safe working practices and show auditors they had full records for every person. They also needed a secure sign-in solution which would allow all visitors, external contractors and drivers to sign in and view necessary company procedures/protocols before entering site.

See how Rapid helped Bega meet their safety needs

Bega was introduced to Rapid Global through Mondelez, an existing Rapid customer, when they purchased part of their company in 2017. Now, Bega utilise Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management to meet their training and compliance needs. They have found it to be very helpful having the full online registration and ongoing compliance process being almost entirely self-managed by the contracting companies.

“The system is self-sufficient and there have been lots of time savings as it puts the responsibility back on the contractor’s business.”

Implementing Rapid Access systems has enabled visitors, drivers and external contractors to all be able to sign in quickly and securely at the Rapid Access terminals. When visitors get to site, they simply enter their details and complete the short visitor induction course at the terminal, which includes information such as emergency processes and other site-specific details. Similarly, when contractors arrive on site, the system checks with Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management to ensure that both the person and company are compliant and that all necessary site inductions have been completed. If they meet the requirements, then they will be able to sign in successfully. If the person then exceeds their allotted time on site, a notification is automatically sent to their Bega administrator so follow-up action can be taken if required.

Meanwhile, when visitors arrive to site, a notification is automatically sent to the person’s host at Bega with details of who has arrived, from which company, and where on site they currently are. The person’s mobile number is also sent so a call can be made if necessary. This makes the visitor sign-in process professional, efficient and seamless.

The Results

After implementing Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management, Bega have seen a massive 40% increase in contractor compliance. Companies can now no longer slip through the cracks by not updating their insurance details or inductions regularly; instead, the system prompts them to follow these things up when required. If appropriate action is not taken by the company or individual contractor, then next time they come to site the system will see they are non-compliant and prohibit entry. Selected Bega administrators can use the intuitive Rapid dashboard to view the compliance status of all contracting companies or inductees within the system, with functionality available to easily review people case-by-case. This means that at auditing time, Bega can be assured that there will not be gaps found in their training and compliance records.

“Having the contractor completely online makes it a very simple process.”

Further to all these benefits, Bega have received a lot of positive feedback from users towards the Rapid Global Apps available, including the Rapid Induct Premium, Rapid Global Admin Tools and Rapid Access Apps, all of which are free to download from the Google Play or Apple online stores. These Apps make it easy to do inductions, manage companies, or sign in to site as a contractor on your mobile device.

Currently, Bega are conducting a review across all their 9 sites to see how the Rapid products can be extended to be used in a larger portion of the company.