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Rapid Access now available via iPads & Android tablets

Rapid Global has released an easy-to-download Web App version of Rapid Access which is compatible with Apple iPads and Android Tablets.

What is Rapid Access?

Rapid Access is a comprehensive check-in and screening tool that allows you to view and track all site visitors, employees, and contractors in real-time from a single dashboard. With a range of advanced features from reporting, automation, and advanced integrations, leading global companies use Rapid Access to strengthen site safety, compliance, risk management and unauthorised entry.

Easier implementation

This new release provides a fully integrated site access solution using easily accessible hardware (iPads and Android tablets), providing customers with a cost-effective solution to manage site access and check compliance of workers coming onto site.

Using tablets instead of a dedicated terminal means that clients can repurpose their existing iPads and Android tablets to start using Rapid Access with them immediately.

How does it work?

For Rapid Access users, the installation process is quick and easy. Generate your Activation Key via your Rapid Admin Portal, which will then send an email with instructions on how to download Rapid Access onto your tablet.

Simply enter your MyRapid credentials and the activation key on the tablet for a ready-to-use visitor management solution.

Control all the site settings from your Rapid Admin Portal. From there, you can easily make changes and updates to workflows, evacuation maps, host lists and site inductions.

Prefer no terminal at all?

For those wanting a contactless sign-in system, you can use our contactless sign in solution Rapid GO. Rapid GO instead uses your site visitor’s own mobile device to check-in by scanning a QR code that can be displayed at entry points. The visitor accesses a web version of the check-in system, and does not need to download an App, so it’s extra quick and simple to use.

Want help getting setup?

Contact our Sales Team or Rapid Global Support.

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