Rapid Global Admin Tools App

Available to authorised Rapid Global administrators, this App has been designed to help you manage workplace safety from the palm of your hand.

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Integrating seamlessly with the Rapid Global product range, this App conveniently provides easy access to your favourite functions at any time via your handheld device.

A quick access menu displays various products. Depending on how many of these products you have in your organisation, you will be able to use the App to unlock a wide range of benefits.


Use the Rapid Induct functions in the App to:

• Search for a person by typing their name or scanning the QR code on their ID card to view their personal details, licenses and inductions

• Spot-check audit a worker to see if they are compliant (i.e. inductions current, documents/licenses uploaded and verified)

• Upload licenses live on the field using the camera on your phone and verify or reject those documents on the spot

• Take a photo of a worker and upload it immediately as their photo ID within the Rapid Induct system

• Add a new inductee by entering their details and issuing them a password

• Assign courses required to be completed


Use the App in conjunction with Rapid Incident to:

• Report preliminary incident details while you are still at the scene

• Upload photos or other files to ensure all incident-related documents are kept together

• Follow up on incidents assigned to you from your phone

• Create incident reports of different types, such as quality control or customer feedback

You can also store documents in the ‘Rapid File Manager’ section e.g. emergency procedures and contractor user guides.


• Get real-time reporting to see who is currently on site

• View site-access history including a list of who is currently on site as well as who has been on site in the past

• Evacuate a site by sending an automated message to all personnel on site. They will be notified to move to the evacuation assembly point and asked to text back ‘safe’ when there. You can use the list of names on the App to verify everyone’s safe arrival

• Search for contracting companies that meet specific criteria such as location, region or personnel type etc.

• View the details of a contracting company including compliance, insurances, other documents, SWMS and inductees

• Suspend a company on the spot for observed safety or performance-related issues

• Issue a new company registration request, to send an automatic “Request to Register” email to the contractor

• Review documents and verify, reject or request others as required

• Deactivate or reactivate a company