Can I use the same email address for multiple people?

We take security seriously! While this is great because it means that your data is much safer from hackers, it does mean that there needs to be an extra step to access your account in some cases. For this reason, each person who has to do an induction will need to have a MyRapid account set up using their own unique details. 

For you as an administrator, this means that while you are able to issue out all the induction passwords to a generic email address, your inductees will need to enter their own personal email address or mobile number on the login page to access their own MyRapid account or to set up a new one. Then on the next page it will ask them for their Induction Key and their last name (if they are setting up a new account). This will then link their email or mobile entered on the previous page to that Induction Key that you sent out. 

What if my worker doesn’t have both an email and phone number?

If your workers only have an email address or a mobile number but not both, then they can just use one and leave the other field blank. You don’t have to enter both!