Facilities management integrations you need to know about

With many facilities having multiple entry points, it can be difficult to ensure that only compliant and inducted workers are entering your site.

Our software solutions offer reliable, effective methods that empower you to manage all workers entering your facilities. We help to ensure that only fully compliant and inducted workers have access to your sites.

Our solution is enhanced by integration partnerships that streamline your workflow and minimise the manual administration to manage compliance and safety.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few essential software integrations that will help you to streamline your facilities management and give your business the vital information it needs to improve efficiency.

Gallagher Security

Gallagher end users can use Rapid for streamlining safety inductions, onboarding and compliance training processes, document and insurance verifications, and then creating set criteria required before access is given to a specific area of a site.

This access criteria uses the competencies feature within Gallagher Command Centre; and sets up the framework for automating the process of granting and denying physical access to a site based on a person’s ability to meet the competency requirements within Rapid.

Once these competency requirements have been met in Rapid, Gallagher Command Centre will then create a profile for the user so they can be given a credential, or their permissions are updated on their existing profile. Their access to areas is then controlled by the Gallagher system – whether it be a specific door to a room, or gate on site. Find out more about the Gallagher integration here.

Core Vision

Rapid’s integration with myBuildingsTM, a facilities management solution from Core Vision that manages assets and work orders, significantly assists to automate and streamline this process for our clients who are looking for an end-to-end solution.

When there is a job for a contractor to complete, myBuildingsTM will check with Rapid that the contractor is compliant prior to a work order being created. myBuildingsTM then sends that work order information to Rapid, which creates a work order in Rapid’s Permit to Work module.

The contractor, when they attend on site, will sign in using Rapid Access, selecting the myBuildingsTM work order and answering any set questions and adding the permits that are required.

When signing out via Rapid Access, the contractor can advise if the work has been completed, which is automatically sent to myBuildingsTM to update the work order’s status and mark it as completed and ready for payment. By automating this process, it removes a large amount of administrative time for both the internal team and the contractor.

Find out more about the Core Vision integration here.


This integration automates the management of access to site by ensuring only compliant personnel in Rapid will get access to a site or restricted areas within the site. Access is granted using a person’s mobile device.

Access to site is only ever given for the duration of their time onsite ensuring that people don’t have 24/7 access as well.

When a user (visitor, employee or contractor) signs into Rapid Access, Rapid will automatically send that user’s details to onUgo which will create a temporary profile for the user in the Access Control System.

The user will then be able to use a digital credential from their mobile phone to gain physical access to the site.

When the user signs out of Rapid, a notification is sent to onUgo and the person’s digital credential is revoked, preventing physical access to the site unless they sign in via Rapid again.


Torus is a sophisticated and elegant key management solution that makes managing keys easy. When integrated with Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management, contractors and suppliers arriving on site are cross-checked in the Rapid system. Anyone that does not meet the compliance requirements (such as completing site induction training, certifications and licences, insurance documentation or a permit to work) will be denied access to your site. If compliant, they will be able to access keys or cards that have been allocated to them.

With electronic key management, user access to individual keys can be pre-defined and clearly managed via a ‘master control terminal’. All key removals and returns are automatically documented and can be retrieved easily.

Torus cabinets can be managed from any computer over secure internet with no software installation required. Find out more about the Torus and Rapid integration here.

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