How to add people to the host list in Rapid Access

Follow the below steps to add either an individual or a group in Rapid Access.

Step 1. Log in as an administrator as per normal

Step 2.Click on the purple ‘Add Ons’ tab up the top

Step 3. Select ‘Rapid Access’ from the drop-down list

Step 4. Click on the ‘Host List’ icon on the right below the coloured tabs

Step 5. Select the relevant site from the left-hand side by clicking the arrow next to the appropriate region and click on the desired site

To add an individual only:

Step 6. Click ‘Add New Host’

Step 7. Enter the relevant information

Step 8. Click ‘Add New’

To complete a bulk upload of hosts:

Step 6. Click the green ‘Bulk Upload’

Step 7. Enter the first person’s name, email address, mobile number, landline number, notification to mobile or landline, separated by commas

An example of this is:

John Smith, [email protected], 04XXXXXXXX, 8XXXXXXX, Notification to(Mobile)

If information is not known or irrelevant, add a double comma in that section.

Step 8. Press ‘Enter’ to start a new line

Step 9. Add the next person’s information and repeat until all individuals are included

Step 10. Click ‘Add New’

Please Note: You can also copy and past this information into the Bulk Upload pop up from a CSV file

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