How to view personnel on site in Rapid Access

To view the personnel which are currently on site or have ever visited the site, use the ‘Status’ page of Rapid Access. 

Clicking ‘Rapid Access’ under the ‘Add Ons’ tab brings you to this page: 

The status page provides a live overview of all personnel activity for the selected site(s), dates and times. The default time filter is set to Today – meaning the dashboard shows all activity from midnight (site time) that day. To change the date filters, simply click ‘Today’ and choose the desired range.

Should you have multiple sites for Rapid Access, simply double-click the State/Division then single-click the desired site name. 

To see the total number of visitors for every site, click ‘All Site’ at the top of the site list. 

The downloadable reports drill down on the site(s) which are selected.

To filter results for each personnel type from the status page, you can either click the number within the relevant circle or the drop-down box in the grid heading as shown below. 

The search field above the list of personnel can be used to find specific individuals or all persons from any company. Note: All search results are determined by the date filter. 

To view or print a collated view of all visitor data, click the ‘Excel’ or ‘Print Friendly Page’ buttons: