How to verify or reject contracting company documents

Step 1. Login to your MyRapid portal

Step 2. Click on your company’s name to login to the correct package

enter your Rapid Contractor portal

Step 3. From the dashboard, hover over ‘Add Ons’ and select ‘Contractor Manager’

Step 4. Search for the relevant company using the toolbar on the left

Step 5. Click on the relevant circle and then click on the company name once it shows

Step 6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Documents’

Step 7. Click on the relevant document, and select ‘Verify’ or ‘Reject’

Step 8. If you’ve selected ‘Reject’, you’ll be prompted to add a note as to why, which will then be emailed to the contracting company administrator so they know what to fix.

Note: if the ‘Verify’ and ‘Reject’ buttons are greyed out for you, it means you do not yet have permission to complete these actions. In this case, please speak to the main administrator for your company in order to gain access or to request them to review the documents instead.

Step 9: If everything else in the company’s package is approved and in order, then make sure you click the ‘Approve’ button within the company’s Contractor Status section if required.