The status of my company is Deactivated/Suspended. What does this mean?

As a contractor company registered with a Rapid Global client, you will receive system generated emails when the status of your company changes. The below will help you better understand what each status means and the steps you are required to take. The goal is to remain Compliant for each client.

The Rapid clients you are registered with will display as blue tiles within your MyRapid Portal under Rapid Contractor. Each tile will display your company name and the logo of the client so that you can quickly identify the contractor portal you require access to.

If your company is not Compliant, the tile will display ‘Suspended’ or ‘Deactivated’ as highlighted in red below.

Contracting Company Statuses - Contractor Support

Deactivated means the client has deactivated your profile in their system and you will no longer have access to your contractor portal. To be reactivated, you will need to contact your representative at this company. Rapid are unable to reactivate your profile.

Suspended means you still have access to your contractor portal and there is an action that you need to complete. This could be updating documents that have expired. Once updated, the client will be required to verify the document(s) so that you can be deemed compliant again.

Induction Keys can only be issued to your workers when you are in a Compliant status.