What is the incident reporting process?

Report New Incident

  • Incident Report form completed by clicking the Report New Incident Button
  • All the people on the distribution list receive an email advising of the incident

Assign Investigator

  • Edit the Investigation team list with the relevant people
  • Investigators will receive an email


  • Investigate Incident
  • Determine Root causes and create Corrective Actions

Investigation Approved

  • Investigation is reviewed and approved by an administrator.
  • People who have been assigned Corrective Actions receive an email

Complete Corrective Actions

  • Corrective actions are completed and progress/close notes are added

Close Incident

  • Once all corrective actions have been completed the incident can be closed
  • If you re-open an investigation you can add more information and add more corrective actions
  • If you Close the investigation it cannot be changed in the future