Electronic Key Management System integration with Rapid Access

What is your existing practice for ensuring only compliant contractors access your restricted site areas or assets?

Many companies have lengthy processes where multiple people are involved in the key distribution and management process, resulting in time wastage and the potential for lost keys. Ensuring the security and safety of your site, your workers and your company can be as simple as installing an electronic key cabinet.

For those who have contract workers arriving on site at any hour of the day or night, integrating your Rapid Access System with an electronic key cabinet provides transparency of key usage history and reduced administration, resulting in time and money savings!

The securely-planted key management safe allows your site/building manager to control who can access items such as a key, access card, or fob. Additionally, installing an electronic key management system provides you with a recorded history of who has removed/returned keys, with details of the exact times included.

Benefits of integrating your Rapid Visitor Access System with an electronic key cabinet

Integrating your Rapid Visitor Access System with an electronic key cabinet provides you with the following benefits:

  • Increased control over contract workers and their ability to access restricted areas on site
  • Assurance that contract workers who access keys are fully compliant and inducted
  • A record of who has accessed which key and when
  • The ability to define how long temporary codes last/login details stay active

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