Alcohol Breath Testing Units – General Information

When your workers get to site, how do you know if they are under the influence of alcohol?

In any industry, having intoxicated personnel arrive on site poses extreme risks. This is especially true for those in the transport, mining and manufacturing industries, where one wrong move or slow reaction could be fatal.

At Rapid Global, we have integrated with suppliers of alcohol breath testing units to develop an effective solution. Workers arrive at the site and begin the sign-in process at a Rapid Access terminal.

If they have all necessary documents uploaded, inductions completed, and are deemed by the client as an approved contracting company, then they are prompted to complete a breath test. A negative reading allows the worker entry to the site, while a positive reading denies the worker site entry, with a report automatically sent to the site manager.

Intoxicated Employees 

  • Put themselves and others at increased risk. 
  • Make more mistakes. 
  • Have higher work-related injury rates. 
  • Inadvertently damage company property. 

Interested in finding out more about our integrations?

Rapid has integrations with both Alcolizer Technology and Alcomeasure.

Alcolizer Technology

Alcolizer Technology is a world-leader in the field of Alcohol and other Drugs (AOD) testing and is recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative and forward-thinking companies.

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